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How Jesse Livermore would profit with Trump in The White House

As President Trump begins to enact his plans for lower taxes, slashing regulations and bringing jobs back to the U.S., there is massive uncertainty on what exactly “The Trump Effect” on the markets and your investments will be.

Stock markets are posting record highs on what seems like a daily basis … but we are all wondering whether this rally will continue to explode or fall off a cliff without notice.

These are very important questions that NEED answers now. Fortunately, the members of my Pivotal Point Trader and I know precisely where to go for these all-important answers: The proven wealth-building strategies of Jesse Livermore.

Mr. Livermore made millions when the market crashed in 1907 … grew his wealth when stocks soared in the 1920’s … and built a $100 million fortune when the market crashed during the Great Depression.

I have been fortunate to be one of the few people on the planet ever granted access to Livermore’s private papers and notes. And through this access, I have unlocked the secrets of the man who made fortunes during the best of times AND the worst of times.

No matter what the Trump era throws at us, Jesse Livermore’s principles show how to go for massive gains.

I encourage you to ask me anything you like about Jesse’s massively successful wealth-building approach … or about how I discovered Jesse’s secret … or about how your membership in Pivotal Point Trader works … what Jesse would be doing now to pursue maximum profits … or anything else you like.

I can’t provide personalized investment advice based on your unique situation, but I am ready, willing and able to help in any other way possible.

Simply scroll down to the comments section and join the discussion. I’ll be checking in regularly to answer any questions you have.


Jon Markman
Editor, Pivotal Point Trader

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Calvin Mann Jr. February 25, 2017

Do you actively manage accounts by placing orders to buy and sell positions you recommend for your customers or do you make the recommendations to the customers and the responsibility to implement buy/sell instructions in such positions falls to the customers?


Penny February 26, 2017

How can we see your replys to the questions as alot of us have the same questions?? Thank you. Penny Phoenix, Az.

Mirko February 25, 2017

Yes I am ready to invest and am not asking for personal advise but I am I Croatia and have not a brocker I USA so I would need a brocker and I can open an account and work from there. Just an advise how to start please . Sincerely Mirko


Philip T Lingman February 26, 2017

How is it possible to have access to the Jesse Livermore system of trading?


Leonard Lutz February 26, 2017

I got your first email and the cost, etc. Then I got your next e-mail saying (in affect) you don't give advice. Would just like to know what my nickel pays for!? I notice that my question is much like Calvin Mann (below).


Ian Davies February 26, 2017

Does this involve options ? Living in the U.K. This presents problems


Ricky Muliawan February 26, 2017

thanks for your kind to invite me to join in your company.


KEN ZUVER February 26, 2017

Hi my question or a better name as coment is if you understand this system i like many others i'm sure would like to have you be in charge of an account that we would put up the money and you would do the tradeing an we will all make money. i might add that i am not trying to slam you i am dead serious thanks for listening KEN ZUVER


Gaitano February 26, 2017

I would like to see all of your past recommendations given since you started doing this particular type of research and advisory. I need to physically see the evidence that your advisory will work in severe down markets. There should be no reason why you can't send me your past advice and how it performed in real numbers. If I like what I see, and I can in fact verify all of your past information, you will have a new client.


Michel Pelletier February 26, 2017

Is your system work the same for the Canadian TSX.


Pieter Lap February 27, 2017

What do you think of Cisco ? Has made very srong figures till now , but in the future not so good ?


Nick Chupick February 27, 2017

Jon, Please offer us, at least a couple iOT's in our Pivotal Trader service. In the past, once upon a time, you mentioned several iOT's that would have potential to be winners. So I went ahead and bought the following: QCOM, held it for 90 days, up 53% - sold it and bought it a month later (all these are in my IRA), and today it's up 14% (aprox). Also NVDA: and it's up and up. What say you - - Jon? Note: Your are a special talent and - - - writer!