End the Guesswork in Investing: Five December Events Could Make You $74,253 Richer by New Year’s Eve

Boris SchlossbergBoris
Kathy LienKathy

Most investments — and your hard-earned money — are at the mercy of events.

Job reports … OPEC meetings … elections … just about anything can cause markets to swing. And knowing how they will impact your savings is usually pure guesswork.

But we can help you change that.

Because you can reap frequent profits every month by investing in events that are GUARANTEED to happen …

… guaranteed by governments and central banks of FIVE major nations!

In December alone, we see five events that can make you as much as $74,253 richer.

We don’t say this lightly. Between the two us, we have 40 years’ worth of experience watching the Fed and other central banks… Watching the economic reports… Watching how the market reacts…

And developing logical systems to identify and seize the profit opportunities that follow.

So, ask us any questions you have on economic events coming up in December and how they can impact investing. While we can’t answer questions tailored to your specific investment needs, we can tackle pretty much anything else.

Simply enter your questions or comments below. We’ll check in with this blog daily to chat with you.

Happy Trading,

Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg
Editors, Calendar Profits Trader

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Comments 74

Larry Dornbos November 15, 2016

Will be waiting for that date


lori November 15, 2016

how does one know which eTrade service to use and can one use the same trading firm for a self-directed IRA as he uses for a regular (taxed) investment account? Can someone use any account to trade options? Or are there details needing to be tweaked to do so? thanks


Darrell Smith November 16, 2016

I use Charles Schwab for all of the above and more. I am impressed by their corporate culture- boy scout friendly- very knowledgeable in that they have a large staff with specialist in every area of finance and investment. Their online trading platforms are excellent with more info than I have ever needed. online trades are $8 -broker assisted are $25. you can call for help and they have extensive training tools free- NO I DONT WORK FOR NOR OWN STOCK IN SCHWAB- I JUST LIKE THEM

Tom November 16, 2016

I like all of the comments listed. I am new to trading on my own and am interested in the announcement. I am also interested in the answers to Lori's and Sam's questions.

Grant Wyllie November 15, 2016

Hoping that Silver demand will soar


Donald Barker November 15, 2016

I will be driving my in-laws car home from Florida (to OH) that day. Will a tape be available?


Darshika November 15, 2016

What sector will effect upwards & downward.


thom Nicholas November 15, 2016

You left out a high potential market moving event. ..President Obama yet to be revealed executive orders!


Sam November 15, 2016

U r very specific about the return on investment. How much has to b invested to c $74,000 Thx, Sam


George November 15, 2016

You left out the electoral college vote for president in Dec.


Dimitre November 15, 2016

Why all investors ask rhetorical questions, that have nothing to do with the economy paradigm (disconnect between Wall Street and the reality). I do not see anyone that have real clue of macro economy - all is driven by greed and fear. Stock market do not contribute any, anything to economy (except the miserable few billions in taxes). But a single man can pull the trigger to collapse country, continent or even the world - it is takes only 18.3 % of all players to try to cash out for the house of cards to collapse. Humans are very primitive and under develop to realize, that all comes to universal rules (not favor to Goldman Saks or etc.) and proportional response. I know - no body likes the truth.


Bob November 15, 2016

What do ya'll think gold and silver will do before Trump gets sworn in? And after he is sworn in?


Mario November 15, 2016

Hi, Which pairs of currencies or instruments is recommended to trade in December according to the events?


Sandi November 15, 2016

Actually - most of the above questions - but especially the one from Sam - how much beginning capital is needed?


surafel November 15, 2016

hello I am one of those total strangers to the area of investing in ETFs and/or stocks and the likes, and as I have attended the recent Larry Edelson series, he advises to begin with easy approaches by participating in ETF investments, so can you advise me how to make a start in such opportunities or if there are other alternatives as well to grow my portfolios in the diversification schemes ? thank you for all the time you put in.


David Sela November 15, 2016

Thanks for the wonderful updates, but how much should be invested to gain $74,000


Amin Mithani November 16, 2016

i am from canada . how does this change my fortunes.waiting for your reply.


Kgomotso Josephine Ratlhagane November 16, 2016

eagerly waiting to know what event will bring such opportunities in my investment life


Anders November 16, 2016

Probably oil. Because I imagine one of Trumps first moves would be to have a conference with OPEC and slow down the ridiculously high oil production and raise oil prices. Countries are hurting now because of the cost of production versus the return profit. Even Saudi has shot themselves in the foot. Anders.

Jean Dantonio November 16, 2016

I have no idea as to how this works let alone what it means? Can you explain it to me and how do you know if you answered the questions correctly? Please let me know, i just took 3 guesses? I would really appreciate your response. Thanks, Jean


janice butsch November 16, 2016

I agree Jean.

William Wells November 18, 2016

Buying GE and fripping it is a guaranteed way to double your money in a few years.

Mike November 16, 2016

What about the price of oil over the next several years? Then longer term....??


janice butsch November 16, 2016

I hope it stays low for the consumer.I am all for the oil pipeline.The indians can get over it,we cater to them on every level now.Look at the tax free casinos.

Leonardo Panjaitan November 16, 2016

I am waiting the Fed's announcement and Bank of England Policy and also ECB statement


Steve November 16, 2016

We are quickly approaching the pro forma $20-trillion DEBT limit ceiling, that will trigger a massive reallocation and dumping of stocks....equities are very over-valued on many matrix's and stock buy-back loans will be made at higher levels, firms will quickly run out of NEW debt to buy-back shares...organic growth stinks, over 64% of SPX-500 firms current real tax rates already under 15%....so and drop to $15% will adversely impact the bottom line, also with surging green-back DXY from a low of $92.00 (May) to a high today of 100.50 will also negatively impact firms repatriated profits abroad and their earnings.... The elite and wealthy are enslaving the masses with massive debt loads and consumers many with-out spending discipline (differentiating a need from a want/desire) are also leveraging up debt again JMHO


richard chavez November 16, 2016

i Have grave concerns of the effects of the three choices entered. Any one would affect volatility. throw in political/euro concerns with relation to $ to X ratios. the oil entry was to short to entail broad spectrum production/relationship issues. any of the above will affect Libor rates. My grandfather had sage advise as far investments, quote "Buy lots of firewater cheap and sell at premium plus!"


janice butsch November 16, 2016

I agree with your grandfather.

ern November 17, 2016

Yes of course all the choices of scheduled announcements will have some impact to various degrees. The interest rate hike by the fed of 25 basis points is all but guaranteed & priced into the markets. But it will be the unscheduled events or news that will affect things most between now and the end of the year such as : What is Trump's monetary policy plans ? Who will Trump select for his cabinet and advisers ? Will Trump keep his campaign promises ? When will the bond market finally blow up ? When will businesses finally feel confident enough to invest in expansion and new jobs ? How much will shoppers spend on the holidays ? Will Obama leave office uneventfully ? How will other governments react to the truth about what really happened here in the US election ? When will the US finally stop catering to the rest of the oil producing countries and start focusing on the real needs on out own soil ? Tee Hee ! Just to name a few here my friends

Denny November 16, 2016



Brad November 17, 2016

I like and use Charles Schwab for almost everything


CHARLES MCILVAIN November 17, 2016

How much money do I have to invest to make $74,253.00 by New Years Eve??

Kenny Martinak November 17, 2016

I was born profoundly deaf. I use E-Trade and Fund Mutual. I was loss many time because no helping me nothing. I hate payment to custom brokerage take advantage. I don't know why. My life is hard communicated. God Bless at people.


Everett L. Muirhead November 17, 2016

I have never worked in this form of life but am willing to learn , Thank you very much for this begining .


mike jacobs November 17, 2016

On Dec 4, 2016 Italy will vote to leave the EU. Markets around the world are interlocked which means they will crash.Derivatives issued by banks and shadow banks are in the trillions of dollars which will fail due to liquidity and inability to pay. Italy leaving the EU will trigger massive defaults on derivatives which will result in the failure of large numbers of leading banks. The large bank failures will in turn lead to the closing of most banks. The IMF has a plan in place to issue special drawing rights which is a new form of inter country fiat currency which will lead to rampant inflation as the dollar will no longer be the worlds reserve currency.


Guido Monticello November 20, 2016

It is not true that on Dec. 4th Italy will vote to leave the EU. On the 4th of December Italy will vote AGAINST its unelected Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, the former President Napolitano who took an unexperienced politician to rule the troubled country. They will also vote against the Democratic Party who was given, through the past President Naolitano, the right to choose 3 unelected presidents in a row (Monti Letta and the present one, Renzi). However it is true that a vote against Renzi and his Democratic party can cause havoc and weaken the "overbanked" Euro Zone: Italy has an extremely weak banking system burdened with NPL and the failure of a major italian Bank will take down, through the international connection created by the interest rate derivatives, most if not all the major banks of the other EuroZone countries. Keep an eye on Deutsche Bank, Commerz Bank and Societè Generale.

Greg November 17, 2016

How much is needed to invest in this? And I like the questions already asked?


Linda November 17, 2016

Most probably US will raise rates on FOMC (aah!!! missed the nice USD/JPY trade after the Trump election results), maybe dollar index will rise more and Euro to fall further, all majors have fallen against the dollar, gold has fallen a lot, and copper has just shot up. I just follow currencies and CFDs, not stocks


Joseph Andraski November 17, 2016

It is almost impossible for the average investor to make intelligent decisions given the multi factors that are found in any portfolio. Considering the varied considerations, the only viable approach is to use a broker or investment adviser, whose primary role is to become expert in all the various approaches and facts that must be taken into consideration, with absolutely no guarantee of success. Of course, a conservative approach is to invest in bonds, with commitments of a percentage gain for each investment. Typically a successful investment strategy is followed by a period of negative returns. Humph, and with it, invest and pray.


Robert La Rocca Jr November 19, 2016

Will all my energy Bonds that went Chapter 11 revive themselves or are they finished in the one year they're given by the courts.

Doris Cassius November 17, 2016

Looking forward to hearing the picks.


Debbie November 18, 2016



Michael November 18, 2016

I agree with Tom's comments on 11-16-16 Happy Holidays


andre meerbeek November 18, 2016

the euro is going to fall,then after that japan yen and flight money will go to the usa on the Dow and nasdaq.


john cramer November 18, 2016

where are the answers?


Yenni November 18, 2016

Would you give me the name of the stocks and when I should buy it?


Highwalker November 18, 2016

How much money do I need to invest?


William Wells November 18, 2016

So where are the tips??? Show me the money.


Rob Stone November 18, 2016

Are the December events all US based and are the investments contemplated all US currency investments. Thank you.


Lauria K Rutt November 19, 2016

What are the names of the stocks that are good investments?

William Johnson November 19, 2016

I think it will be housing starts and oil also the Fed rates


gary schwitzer November 19, 2016

are small caps. still a good investment for the long term


Shel Pastor November 19, 2016

Any chance of a replay of this or a way to listen to it after the web event. I'll be in the air flying to Phoenix to visit with my grand kids while your putting on this event.


Chris November 19, 2016

Will the Serfs continue their revolts? And will the serfs kick off those bonds of debt? Stay tuned to the same Bat Channel, same bat time!


norm jenkins November 19, 2016

Very interested - Keep us notified


Denny mccarver November 19, 2016

Love to see the cash Semper fi


Dick Chase November 19, 2016

Short oil and stay long the Dollar?


Rick Brumpton November 19, 2016

Looking forward to it,


thomas m. sunada November 19, 2016

i have a hard time hearing video. even with hearing aid i have a hard understanding what was said in many cases. can i have it transcribed or in writing? are you addressing the dollar drop at some point? thanks.


Cordula November 21, 2016

What amount is needed for each of the events to achieve this amount?

Kelley Roarkh November 20, 2016

Hi! I will be in my daughters doctor appointment at that time. Will there be a chance for a replay? Thanks!


John November 20, 2016

With all the talk of these Banks being in a crisis wouldn't you expect inverse to go up nicely ETF like Faz


Ngoc Nguyen November 20, 2016

What amount is needs to make $74,532. What are the processes and requirements to make this investment happen?


Jose November 20, 2016

Hi and Good Afternoon Kathy and Boris. Definitely looking forward for this important event.


Janardan Shastri November 21, 2016

I know nothing about investing. A profound gambler in money and time.Always awaiting, to win when my time comes. Is it this time ? I wonder!


Tom November 21, 2016

I will not be able to addend at the time offered. Will this event be recorded such that I can attend later?


Deborah Rahm November 21, 2016

I signed up for one of your previous courses this year, "Global Currency". However because originally it was said we would be trading Options at a Level 1 or Level 2 is why I signed up. But then it turned out you were trading Options at a Level 5 that Schwab did not/would not allow so I had to get a refund and pull out of the course. That said, what is the vehicle you are/will be using for these trades with this new investment opportunity?