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How Jesse Livermore would profit with Trump in The White House

As President Trump begins to enact his plans for lower taxes, slashing regulations and bringing jobs back to the U.S., there is massive uncertainty on what exactly “The Trump Effect” on the markets and your investments will be.

Stock markets are posting record highs on what seems like a daily basis … but we are all wondering whether this rally will continue to explode or fall off a cliff without notice.

These are very important questions that NEED answers now. Fortunately, the members of my Pivotal Point Trader and I know precisely where to go for these all-important answers: The proven wealth-building strategies of Jesse Livermore.

Mr. Livermore made millions when the market crashed in 1907 … grew his wealth when stocks soared in the 1920’s … and built a $100 million fortune when the market crashed during the Great Depression.

I have been fortunate to be one of the few people on the planet ever granted access to Livermore’s private papers and notes. And through this access, I have unlocked the secrets of the man who made fortunes during the best of times AND the worst of times.

No matter what the Trump era throws at us, Jesse Livermore’s principles show how to go for massive gains.

I encourage you to ask me anything you like about Jesse’s massively successful wealth-building approach … or about how I discovered Jesse’s secret … or about how your membership in Pivotal Point Trader works … what Jesse would be doing now to pursue maximum profits … or anything else you like.

I can’t provide personalized investment advice based on your unique situation, but I am ready, willing and able to help in any other way possible.

Simply scroll down to the comments section and join the discussion. I’ll be checking in regularly to answer any questions you have.


Jon Markman
Editor, Pivotal Point Trader