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Today GM … tomorrow America: Will we survive?

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Yesterday, the unthinkable happened: General Motors — one of America’s oldest, largest and most respected companies — went bankrupt.

This morning, this venerable, 100-year-old company …

This firm that survived two world wars … The Great Depression … the Korean and Vietnam wars … the oil shock, recession and runaway inflation of the 1970s … and scores of other shocks over ten long decades …

This great icon of American innovation and success … won court approval to begin liquidating its assets as soon as possible.

These are dark days indeed — a personal catastrophe — for GM’s employees and for hundreds of thousands of other workers at dealers and suppliers who thought they had jobs that would last a lifetime.

But the implosion of GM is more than just the guarantee of surging unemployment rates as far as the eye can see. And it’s much more than just the failure of one of our most powerful engines of economic growth.

For nearly a century, GM has served as a metaphor for the overall U.S. economy — the harbinger of things to come for the stock market, for investors and for every American family.

For nearly five generations, most economists accepted the mantra, “As General Motors goes, so goes America.” And those words were never truer than they are today.

The simple truth is, debt killed GM. The company could have easily weathered this economic storm had it not buried itself beneath a $173 billion mountain of debt.

Is America Next?

In its failed attempts to save GM, AIG, Fannie and Freddie, the entire banking sector and many other companies, Washington is now creating its own Mt. Everest of debt.

But Washington’s debt bubble makes GM’s pale by comparison — and it’s inflating the size of that bubble at the staggering rate of $3.8 billion per day.

As we’ve seen in recent weeks, Washington’s record-shattering spending binge is already crippling the economy. Treasury prices are cratering. Rising interest rates — the kiss of death in a weakening economy — are already increasing borrowing costs for companies and consumers.

Meanwhile, in what has proven to be a failed attempt to stop the surge in interest rates, the Fed is feverishly printing dollars — creating money out of thin air — to buy more than $700 billion in bonds so far this year.

So the question of the day — the single most important question any investor can answer now — is simply this:

Will America survive?

How do YOU feel rising interest rates and record-shattering money-printing will impact your income and investments in the weeks ahead?

Which investments do you expect to spin off substantial profits next? Select U.S. stocks? Foreign stocks? Currencies? Precious metals?

Your opinion is critically important to me personally and to all of us here at Weiss Research. Just scroll down and use this blog to let me know what you think.

My team and I will meet you there to address your concerns, answer your questions, respond to your ideas and help in any way we can.

Good luck and God bless!


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  1. I would think the precious metals and Asian markets would be the most secure right now, but then who would’ve thought Grandpa’s GM stock would be worthless!

  2. Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

    What is happening now in America has never happened before anywhere on the earth at any time. Nothing even similar, not even The Great Depression.

    The Obama adminstration’s destruction of the basis for commercial law in the US by their actions in regard to the AIG bonuses has undermined the entire capitalist system in this country.

    Why would anyone in their right mind invest in anything that even vaguely depends on a contract with any company in the US? And the US economy is still the strongest in the world at this time so all other economies are, for now, dependent on it to some degree.

    It’s not so much an issue of GM or AIG or Citi or any one company’s troubles as it is about the “solution” being applied and the method of applying that “solution.”

    I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.

  3. The United States as we know it is economically, morally and spiritually bankrupt. We need to forgive all the debt and start all over. We need to elimate the current federal government and revised the government based upon the 28 principles of our founding fathers. We are a failed nation. We truly need to term limit all elected offices to one term only. No more career politicians and bureaucrats who think they know better. Regarding education no tenure for college professors and public school teachers. We also need to elimate the unions as well. No more social security, medicare and medicade, no universal health care for all. We need to closed our borders and not allowed any more immigration into our country for at least a decade.

  4. I am an artist. I know little about the financial markets other than what my common sense tells me. I sold my investment property two years ago at a peak because I watched people leveraging their equity to buy marble countertops with gold taps and new forty thousand dollar vehicles. I watched people vote in a government that spent billions on war adventures twice and wondered how long they could afford to do that. I can’t help but crack a smirk when I hear investment councilors say that “no one saw this coming”.
    Even after all this has happened, governments still think that they can spend their way out of this. It boggles the mind.

  5. Dr. Weiss, I started to deleate your letter before I ever read it because I have so little to invest, I can’t see it mattering, plus I know very little about the market, if anything. However I do know whar rezileance meanseven if I may have misspelled it. This week I’m supposed to come into some money to buy a car. I want a Cadillac. I probably won’t get enough money to buy a new one, but I want one none the less. I know how I have made, won gambling and lost millions over the last twenty years. Things look pretty bleak for me right now, but I’m not willing to give up. I’m 55, and feel and look half that. Every month I have to buy medications that cost a bundle, until I stumbled upon Rite Aid. Rite Aid is the only pharmacy I’ll go to if at all possible. We, as Americans, in the capitalist society have to be a little greedy and hungry foor more to survive. Rite Aid on the other hand charged me close to a hundred dollar savings on 2 name brand medications. I called every pharmacy within fourty miles of where I lived, they all had raised their prices dramatically in one month. I was prepared to take a hit from them too, but because I became a member of a Rx Savings Card, I got a great break on 2 name brand med’s. I was also surprized that one of the medications in a liquid form was factory sealed and full strength. Wallgreens on the other hand has prices that should be illegal, they’re back at the same thing that had them suspended from selling name brand med’s because they were charging insurance companies for name brand and giving their coustomers generic. There Is a voluntery price match program most pharmacies go by, e.g. if I know a store twenty miles down the road charging 300 and you’re charging 335, you’ll match it to keep from losing a coustomer. Wallgreens won’t hear of that. If General Moters could somehow, even if they lost money for a couple years did something similar, it could still possibly come back, somehow someway! Pharmacys know people will starve before they will go without their medications. I will wear old but clean cloths to drive a Cadillac, not to show off, but but because I know it’s the safest car on the road, and On-Star, only a fool would drive a car without it. How can we as Americans come together and save General Moters as though it were a cat falling fromm the 22 ND floor of a building? If is a big word, but if every man, woman, and child in America started putting money into G M, even if it meant we were going to take a loss at first, and if G M’s emploies agreeded to take a big pay cut, the most highly improbable thing on Earth could happen. And Uncle Sam needs to start fining pharmacys that are robbing people blind and use that money alone, it would be enough to save GENERAL MOTERS. I’m just a dreamer, but you’ve got me going today. Nobody would listen to a fool like me, but you they would listen to. Just a thought Dr Weiss, but I know who’s crippling the economy,at least my economy anyway. Thank You for listening. DrMike

  6. Martin;

    All the responses echo my thoughts. But, will the government accept the TARP money back from banks or will they stonewall repayment with policy and hurdles. This will be the signal of how bad it will get with Nationalization. Look for the signs of control in every facet of our lives from lightbulbs to laughter.

  7. It just amazes me how ‘random’ events, from ‘out of the blue’, seem to promote stated Council On Foreign Relations agenda items. Honestly, I am less concerned about the fate of the ‘republic’, the Dollar, or our ‘values’, than I am about the fate of HUMANITY… as the CFR proceeds along their oft stated depopulation agenda (‘Sustainable Development’ – NSSM 200).

  8. to my views this thing is sure to happen as due to rising costs & constants decrease in sales
    GM should have to take steps to increase in sales & investment opportunities should be increased not by heavy leveraging there should be corporate restructuring, equity valuation & analysis
    financial reporting should be strong of company
    company is highly leveraged and due to leveraging they have increased in business & financial risk

    company should go for investment opportunities
    alternative investments in fixed income securities, futures trading of bonds, emerging & global investments but should consider interest rate,exchange rate & price risks as there will be high translation & transaction exposures

  9. The way I read my Bible, our circumstances will get much worse. I lived through the Great Depression- this one is going to be worse (In my opinion) The bible speaks of people throught their silver and gold to the bats and the moles- figuratively that is what has been happening far too long. I have been investing in silver and gold for many many years.- Perhaps I can ride through some of this inflation. But I think we can also expect our wonderful Gov’t to confiscate these- when times get even worse.

  10. The decison to move into the UK into service industries at the expense of manufacturing was made in the mid 80’s. So I see all of this as part of a long term plan that has either failed or come to fruition.

    The Chancellor says the bust was unforseen. Fred Harrison foresaw it in 1990 and sent his book – Boom Bust, house prices, banking and the great depression of 2010 – to the Treasury. So they did know what was coming.

    The question is this; is this credit crunch an accident of time and negligence or is it the result that someone intended? The designed increase in debt, facillitated by a credit card culture, followed by an orchestrated collpase of the banking sector by a simple rule change on liquididty ratios, suggests to me that there was indeed an attempt at an ochestrated rip off aimed at impoverishing the many for the benefit of the favoured few. Let us not forget that Brown took the pension funds because it was “prudent to do so”.

    So we must ask ourselves, was all of this part of a clever attempt to encourage other economies to produce hard goods whilst the favoured few in the banking economies, litterally conned everyone into a new form of poverty. If so, do they now plan to finish the job with a massive inflation campaign, posdinbly involving deliberate hyper-inflation, to balance the books, ( at the real expense of the Chinese et al?) in a way that further divides our society as well. If so ,what furture do they envisage for themselves and everyone else? A master / slave relationship perhaps?

    What is the real reson why it was arranged this way??

  11. It seems like most of our manufactoring was delibertly sent out of this country. Why is the big question. America has lost too many jobs, period. In 1967 when I graduated from high school, I had many jobs, with several good companies to choose employment. In this area, Middletown, Ohio, there is literally no choices now. The middle class numbers have fallen, and poor people just survive, and do not buy new cars, etc.
    Ronald Reagan wanted a service type economy, and maybe he now has his wish.

  12. What’s really alarming is that most people have a hard time visioning how far the U.S. is in debt. If you ask the average citizen what we should do to solve this they don’t have an answer because they think that things will just work out because America has always overcome adversity before. My answer to those is we are in way deeper than ever before and we are not in control of our own destiny due to the immense relianceon other countries to keep us afloat by financing our debt. When our taxes are increased and inflation is out of control please people don’t compain it will be too late- time is running out!

  13. Thank you for your accurate analysis and insight into the current world financial turmoil.

    In the midst of the current volatile conditions I am keeping out of US, UK and European stocks and concentrating heavily on cash and Far East funds, which have been showing very nice consistent returns over the last 7 months. I believe any uptake in the world economic picture, is going to be led by China and the Far East economies, long before we will be able to see a more stable picture in the US, UK and European economies. Like you, I believe the worst is still to come, so I am keeping out until further notice!

  14. HI MARTIN,


  15. I believe the most secure area to invest your money is in real estate. If you can purchase at today’s bottomed out prices just think of what you can sell for in an improved market with rising inflation. The dollar is shrinking therefore it is going to take alot more of them to create purchasing power.

  16. I don’t see how America can survive when the dollars are being
    printed like Monopoly money, Federal Reserve selling bonds,
    buying bonds. supporting Iraq, so many other countries.
    We have China’s Treasury Bills to repay with Interest.
    Does China almost own America now?
    As President Obama is for Abortion, against God’s Commandment
    of “Thou shalt not kill”, will Our Lord help President Obama,
    I am afraid to answer that one.
    I look foreard to your knowledge, Martin Weiss

  17. Dear Martin ,
    Though I am British I have been following your warnings and advice avidly. Every thing you have warned about and predicted seems to have happened and though things are a little different in England I use your advice and warnings to stay clear of trouble here where the problems appear similar. I think that it is not just the American people who have a lot to thank you for with your experience and uncanny knowledge of the markets.
    God Bless

  18. Yes, the U.S. Economy will survive.

    From an outside point of view, Canada, it appears that the US can build just about anything but if the budget is without limits. Can the US industry build products like small good cars and be competitive? I am not sure.

    I beleive that the US economy will really progress if companies like the “New GM” look at the present and future needs and desires of the new (25 years old) and retiring generation (70 years old) and offer small and inexpensive good cars (a Chineese Tata) before China floods the US and Canadian markets.
    Inovate, with a price advantage. If everyone (Unions and Management) push in the same direction, it could and should be done. Time will tell.

    Note: Thank you Dr. Weiss for your work and for keeping very helpful people on your staff. A phone call to them is always a very positive experience. Thank you.

    Jean J. Pichon

  19. Martin – I understand clearly the concern about the US Governments debt and the ramifications it has on the future. That being said, it appears that there are signs of a recovery and with both India and China working with the US, I feel more confident. If I would have invested in some of the reverse ETFs like you had recommended, I would have lost a fortune. Please let me know if you are beginning to change your position with respect to the economy.

  20. nervous – scared — If government fails — goes bust – what happens to all the liquid assets you have been recommending we move to ie 3 month T-bills
    Is there an alternative safe haven — maybe some other currency in a more stable economy
    I was thinking CDN – but they have exposure to GM and some debt —
    I don’t want to put it in gold –
    if US does go bust – with hugh exposures to Medicare, social security looming and the bailouts — what is the timeline – is there away to take advantage and still have safety liquity

  21. Hi Dr Weiss. You have covered almost all potential financial money pits in your forecasts- THANK YOU. But you have not to my knowledge commented about market market funds linked to brokerage accounts or the brokerage accounts themselves….are these monies safe with the brokerage insurance of SIPC??

  22. My thoughts are that the only thing that will be worth anything for survival will be your experiences in life such as: Helping people, or that knowledge of electronics, computer sciences, mechanical abilities such as doing repair work. Such as in doing barter with others in trade.

    There is a day coming that such abilities may be the only differences of whether you have food upon the table or not. Additionally education and those abiliites that it affords will dictate as to how you and your familys survive or not.

  23. This is a country in Moral breakdown. All of this is caused by a change in nature of Americans, caused by an internal propaganda attack of over 50 years. Did Americans lend money to people who could not pay years ago? Did we buy houses when simple math reveiled we could not make the payments? Did we live above our means with credit cards and home equity loans? Were our hero’s Paris Hilton and Britney Spears?
    Did companys gamble with complex financal instraments instead of good products in order to make money. Do people want independent strength anymore, or someone to give them something? People could think back then and had morals, now we do not. Until that changes, no, we will not survive.

  24. There is an absolute plan designed to make America fail. We could not have a one world government, a new world order or a one world currency if America were the world leader while maintaining it’s strength, values and freedoms. Consequently, this must be destroyed and must all come to an end and it will. Sad to see it but this is what needed to be done to create a new world order. A world not under the rule of the jungle but under the rule evil men for money, power and self-gain at the expense of humanity.

  25. Dr Martin,

    Can you please tell when will bear market rally end? According to economist they
    think stock market is going to robust rally this year.What is your opinion about
    this. I have some energy stocks in Canada which is paying me Dividend of 12%
    should I sell them or keep it.

    Thanks for What you do for American people.
    Capt Sandeep Sharma

  26. History will be “repeated” only in Phantom form. Reality will be a new experience of which we have little idea. The key to what will happen, I believe, is peoples attitude and willingness to “get on with life”. So much of what we are experiencing in ‘downturn echonomics’ is due to the constant hammering by all media naysayers and doomsday prognosticators. People were ‘bit’ by ignorance in the 30’s and today isn’t much different. The main thing they share is greed. Everyone wants to ‘make a buck’ and don’t care who gets stepped on in the process. They also do not consider the consequences of their actions! (Nor do they care!).the ‘outcome of the economics mess’ will be determined by our younger adults. If they wake up and face the reality of the situation quickly, there will be a much quicker recovery. The passing of every day will have a great bearing on ‘recovery time’. This is 50% (or more,) a mental situation!

  27. We are witnessing the fall of Rome (America) I’m bearish and I’m positioning my portfolio accordingly this bailout bubble will pop and when it dos watch out below. l

  28. Martin
    will the economy survive: YES, but a much more regulated an government controlled economy for at leat the next 4 years
    Will interest rates rise, I look back at 1980 Reagonomics when prime was 20%, CDs were at 15% inflation was 20plus %, so given what is going on now, I believe we will see a spike even as much as 1980 before the 4th qtr 09.

    Where am I investing, GOLD, Treasuries, Mun bonds.

    at 67 years old looking for more stability than aggressive growth

    my 2 cents worth




  30. We the people of the United States of America, need to stop Look at our Country
    Think in the words WE THE PEOPLE and OUR COUNTRY. It was no government body
    that built this country, it was the PEOPLE. It has always been the sacrifices of the people.
    We have government to assist the People in maintaining structure, not changing the
    structure that is the back bone of our country. Our Constitution has stood the test of
    time and it will with no interference continue to hold up for the majority. We need to
    support our commerce, our businesses. The grass is not greener on the other side of
    the fence. Radical thinking and behavior is bringing our country down. I am very
    opposed to (Modern) ideals, or the lack there of. Basics Lets get back to Basics
    There would most likely be less out of the box thinking if it were not seen as the
    new way to behave, (let’s see if being a rebel works) We can not expect all people will
    always think alike, we don’t need to applaud radical thinking that brings business and
    morals in our country into harms way. Those who love this country need to stand up
    and be counted with out the threat of harm. We have come a long way and have a
    long way to go. We must not bow to liberal thinking it can not override all we have
    worked so hard to build for generations to come.

  31. This stage is considered dangerous for that I do not have any idea about what is required to do for profit or investment, and what the next step and how
    Please help.

  32. In our efforts to make the world a democracy. We forgot that we should be making everything and selling it to them instead of us setting them up to sell it to us. As it turns out all our enemies we have had in the past we have helped to kick our butts now. Remember when all the photos from China were people riding bicycles in the streets? Well thats probably us soon, while they drive G.M. China Buicks and look at pictures of us riding bicycles in the streets. By saving a few bucks sending all our capabilities to another country and not caring about fellow Americans and only about the bottom line. We got sold down the river many years ago. Our country is weak getting weaker. I just aired up the tires on my bicycle…oh yeah….it was made in china.

  33. The government and the stock market make it awful tempting to think everything is turning around and the future is looking brighter;then I read these newsletters and realize the reality contained within-is being buried by the masters of spin. (government and the stock market professionals)

    How does this nation create new wealth? How do we create those economic engines that replace the old horses of years’ past? When the old horses start to die-we are all hit in the pocketbook, and we are all placed in the forefront of economic disaster….A disaster that has NO quick solutions.

    Labor Unions have had their day, time to get back to reality.

  34. The approprite question is what will the surviving USA look like? We are resource poor except for Land (food and trees), Natural Gas and technology. We will able to buy fewer natural resources from the world so we will have far fewer of them. Our homes will be dramatically warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. We will drive and travel less. We will build much smaller homes. Many, many many will return to rural settings to raise food (fortunately they will be able to keep in touch with communications technology). We will sell the world technology for the goods we import one for one no more credit. Therefor on a relative basis we will import far fewer good and have a lower standard of living. Will this happen dramatically in a few short years or over decades? -NO ONE KNOWS, TIME WILL TELL

  35. Although my real estate appraisal business in Austin, Texas is currently very good due to the low interest rates, I am extremely concerned going forward. I believe the president is economically clueless, and has the instincts of a socialist. At age 50, I have serious concerns about my future retirement, and I don’t expect the government to provide it. I must make my own way, and figure I have 20 years to get myself situated.

  36. It looks like the apocalypse and armegeddon. I am investing in canned goods, ammunition, beehives, egg laying chickens, grain, stored foods, etc.

  37. I retired from active duty in the USAF in 1970 after having served 20 years in the hope of living in freedom in a wonderful country; however, just a few short years ago when our congress went nuts – each party vying to exterminate the other rather than keeping an eye on our government – I began to lose hope. Now I know that our congressional representatives have only themselves in mind when they THINK, if they think at all. Our capital no longer exists and I believe that only precious metals will suffice as mediums of exchange in the very near future.

    I should have panned for gold instead of trying to protect those who represent us today.

  38. I think it will be several years before US Treasury yields increase substantially. A Japanese deflation is possible in the US where they don’t increase for decades.

  39. Hola Martin,
    You often speak to the choir.
    I’m an expat with many assets offshore.
    I actually have two separate estates – one in the US and one here.
    At the moment neither will be subject to estate taxes.
    I’m currently (since late Feb) long in the Aussie dollar.
    No longer pay US income nor US property taxes, but collect (max) SSC, and later this year, MC.
    Only a 2 hour flight to IAH or DFW for any health care.
    Instead of our $19,000. Dallas property taxes in 2004, we pay $432. annually on our 6500 ft sq house.
    Live like royalty with housekeeper, gardener, and cook.
    Unfortunately for my (3) children and (2) grandchildren, I think the US is hopeless!

  40. In the near furture,
    Metals down
    Market down
    Dollar down

    Safe Money Portfolio has been down a lot. Will it recover? I have $100,000 in it and holding.
    Contrairion Portfolio – where are the stops??

  41. Our economic problems are the result of debt caused by the belief we have held for decades, namely, that we can spend our way to prosperity and always pay for everything with cheaper money. We have relegated this power to our federal government. It isn’t difficult to predict what we have practiced and chosen as our future state. Socialism and our currency is the effect, our vote is at cause.

  42. I first would like to tell you how much I enjoy, appreciate and respect your articles and opinions! I think more men like you should be running our country not the clowns currently running it into the ground. I guess that statement foreshadows my opinions on where this Poor Proud Country is headed. I feel the lazy left and blissfully unaware “Republicans” (I consider myself to be a conservative but don’t particularly feel tied to the previous “conservative party of Republicans) have let apathy, greed and self centered blindness lead us into allowed leadership by men/groups that didn’t have America’s best interest at heart but rather filling their own pocketbooks. Bleeding just enough cream off to the general public that wouldn’t be aware of the Socialistic noose being tightened around their necks. I think the move towards killing America and creating a more unionized social entity started with the first Bush administration and continued until the obvious hangman arrived in office now. Look at who we ran for President????? McCain????????? Please that man can’t put two sentences together and make sense. There is so much more at play here than we even can begin to know. I think guns, gold and dry goods are the best investment in our future because its going to take a revolution to turn things around take America away from the World Finance Forces/Wall Streen and return her to the true American People. One more question though??? How did a radical muslim “black” man with duel citizenship and ZERO experience become the President of a Nation founded on Christian beliefs and principals? God Bless and Good Luck!

  43. I appreciate your valued insight and all posts, emails, and video broadcasts are watched read and valued tremendesly, we live in a period of great uncertainty and fear …. On a lighter note … i want to learn chinese and become a boat person and row to china

  44. What I do not understand is this market rally; both it’s intensity and it’s longevity.
    There appears to be no underlying strength but some say the simple fact of all the money being created is the reason for this season of the market inflating. Can that be true?

  45. I am a board-certified pediatrician in Orange County, California.
    We are seeing families being thrown out of their homes in foreclosures.
    We are seeing children and families being made homeless.
    We are seeing huge commercial real estate projects (50,000 to 100,000 square feet in size) going down in Irvine and other OC cities.

    The instability is not improving.

    Commercial businesses are unable to stabilize revenue and operations while inflationary pressures are so heavy. Our own medical doctors in this area are unable to maintain their programs due to absent reimbursement on claims by insurers. These same medical insurers are backed by AIG securities. The media does not understand how severe this situation is.

    Yesterday, we received a notice from Anthem/Blue Cross that the want all doctors to request permission from them to send patients to heart specialists for special procedures. As a board-certified pediatrician, this decision by Blue Cross is highly suspect. Infants with new heart murmurs need immediate echocardiograms and EKG’s in order to evaluate for the presence of heart defects that can kill the child in a few hours time. Blue Cross/Anthem’s decision is equal to a death sentence for any child born with these conditions which are seen throughout California.

    I think it is obvious why the health insurers are being forced to take these steps. Their business model is not economic stable. The backing of AIG on the premium defaults is unstable. The investments these companies made are themselves unstable.

    In this area, two major hospitals have closed. ER’s are closing and people are going to start dying of preventable diseases.

    There is a direct correlation between the health and the wealth. The erosion of wealth in our nation over the past two years appears to be creating instability in provision of health care to all people, regardless of economic status.

    I am very concerned about the looming possibility of hyperinflationary pressure adversely impacting physician contracting. We can not maintain our care to the children and infants if the cost of supplies and human resources is not predictable.

  46. Martin,

    I’ve been getting your e-mails for a while. To be honest I haven’t done much with it as I don’t have much to invest but I feel the window you open up to look at what’s going on under the surface is invaluable information. Thank you.

    My answer to your question comes from a military background and from living in the middle east for the last several years (duing the school year) as a civilian volunteer with a non-profit education organization.

    Here is my answer: “If we don’t get the bulk of our military back on our soil ASAP and continue in intense indigeonous training cycles to defend this country and our constitution, none of this financial stuff is going to matter. If we do get them back here, we have a chance and at that point we should bite the bullet and receed from the world markets in certain areas and get back to the basics. As much as I believe in our missions overseas, we must abandon them in large scale and rely on special ops or long-range and large scale destruction of infrastructure. If America goes down, all of it is going down. I don’t think any of us can imagine the evil that would prevail if or when this happens.”


    Doug Bryant

  47. I have lived most of my life so my concern is not for me, but for the children and grandchildren of America. I am well aware of the forthcoming hyper-inflation fueled by worthless dollars. At this time it appears hopeless to be able to control the out-of-control spending by our President and Congress. Unfortunately, it began with the Bush 43 administration. The best thing which should happen to us is for China and the rest of the world to cease buying our treasuries. Maybe that would end the recklessness of our government.

  48. Yes, I do think America is suffering, and even more so at the hands of the banking industry. I truly believe the banks should not have been given all that money without some accountability. Each American could have received a check and spent it more wisely than they have. They are just interested in making more money. Some of the banks even went out to try and buy more banks and expand, rather than taking care of their own backyard, so to speak. They are not helping those that put their money in the banks. They have tightened regulations even further and are loaning less money than ever. I have not seen interest rates drop at the bank, even though the prime is very low. A banker told me that the interest rate goes along with risk and that is why some of the customers’ rates are so high. That says to me, let’s keep raping the small guy, not help him out at all, just try to break him and take everything he has.

    Americans are disgusted, disgruntled, defeated and are working hard to just survive and take care of their own families. I do applaud the President and his team for trying and I hope he can help save this country from Bankruptcy. GM should have filed the big “B” at the beginning of the year and then they would have been back on the road to recovery by now. It’s easier to play the game and get all the money you can before.
    Any little business or individual would not have been able to do that.


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