Martin D. Weiss

Can we talk?


I think this is a critical time for you and me to have a serious conversation about your investments.

Nearly three months ago, I promised that the entire Weiss Research team would do whatever it takes to bring you practical, actionable strategies for growing your wealth …

And also for KEEPING your principal and profits intact in spite of any storm clouds on the horizon.

Since then, the S&P 500 has surged to all-time record highs.

At the same time, just as our team has warned you, gold and other commodities have plunged.

Now, I’m asking you to do me a very important favor:

Help me help you harness the enormous power of this rally — by filling me in on your investment approach and your financial goals for the rest of the year.

Each day for the next six days, I will send you an email like this one, asking you an important question.

Simply click the link in the email to jump over to my personal blog to answer that day’s question and to discuss your answer personally with our analysts and me.

Today’s Question of the Day:
What percentage of your portfolio
is invested in U.S. stocks today?

Please click this link and give me your answer now!

My team and I will use your answers as the basis for new online briefings and other free services offered to Money and Markets readers.

This should be fun, informative and I will be in your debt.

Thanks in advance for your help with this …

Good luck and God bless!


2035 responses to Can we talk?

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    a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell to her ear and screamed.
    There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back!
    LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  2. I will be getting a devorse comming up. i ab brokr money wise , save U time & $ take me off E-mails
    I am 73 & tired. God bless & thanks for past help..

  3. I don’t hold any US stocks or bonds. I don’t trust the administration.
    I have a lot of gold and silver and way too much US currency. Like you I believe there will be a come-to realism time.
    That’s why your service is so important to me

  4. I am currentley mostly out at this time as interest has taken a hike and am worried that the market is at lofty levels at this time.

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  6. I hold mostly Canadian issues, listed on TSE. Some exposure (about 15%) to the US exchanges – listed stocks, mainly because I can’t get them in Canada. I don’t hold bonds, just one mutual fund (resources) and a money market fund.

  7. you say all gloom and doom. you said t5hings are going to be very bad . get rid of bonds, i did.
    i sold my stock . after i sold it when up big loss to me. it was irc. asyou can see the marrket is going crazy. yopu should refound my membership ! YES.!

  8. Very little because of my age and the state of the world. I see no real support for stocks going up.

  9. Very little because I feel the market is going up on hot air, and at my age I don’t need to take chances with my money.

  10. 75% stocks, 50 % US, 25 % world. 5 % gold, 10 % bonds, 10 % cash. Most stocks are dividend stocks

  11. I. have 50% in US stocks, dividend paying, 30% in Precious Metal, 10% International Stocks, 5%in Bonds and the rest in cash.

  12. in savings, I know that is sad but i don’t have the time to study and research as is prudent for at least a few months. I’m not much for having a lot of luck and I’ve always had to learn or teach myself. i liked you because you seemed to use common sense and that is often the sign of a wise man. It would if there was course for investing dummies. I own some property and another that i’m going to try and generate some rental income, they are paid for but i stil have improvements to make. At least it seems beter than an annuity to me. i’m 62 and my wife is a little older than me i retired last May.
    Thanks for the concern and if you are ever up in Kentucky stop by and we’ll take care of your dinner if you don’t mind eating with old poor folks.

  13. Dear M. Weiss, You Have contacted me recently about my indecision about my account. I have subscribed to Penny Stock Fortunes. You have been so kind to me for many years while I attempted to gain knowledge and funds to place in securities. I have now retired,educated my children, still have my first wife,and am a retired Dentist with income that needs placement for appreciation.

  14. I have just subscribed to your Penny Stock Fortunes. You have been so kind to me for many years while I have attempted to gain knowledge and funds to place in securities. I have now retired,educated my children,still have my first wife, am a retired Dentist with income that needs be placed for appreciation. Please contact me about my decision.

  15. Zero. I want to learn from my buddy how to write options. He does not purchase options. Most options are not exercised and expire worthless. He buys the under lying stock. He underwrites an option on the stock. That way, his loss is limited to the stock he owns. He collects the option premium. He sells the option before it expires. He is typically holding the option he writes for 3-6 weeks. He collects $85 – to – $120 per option writing this way. You may think this is small money, but not when you are old and struggling to make a few extra bucks. I have some rental real estate. It is a nightmare. The tenants steal things, break things, hassle. Lots of expense paying: agent fees, cleaning unit, laundry fees, utility bills, annual condom maintenance fees, breakage, stolen lost stuff, replace worn out furniture, bedding, towels. It is a hassle. My friend’s way is a clean way to make $85 per option written.

  16. About 20% of my investments are in the US stock market, under management by an investment advisor.

  17. Not sure of the percentage but I have mostly US stocks with World Dominator companies. Have a few ETFs with mostly US, maybe 5-10% Non US stocks.

  18. Good question! I’m not sure, as I have stocks and mutual funds, mostly in US stocks and some international, but the percentages I do not know. I plan to find out though! Keep up the good work!

  19. 30% US stocks, 11% gold and silver, about 10% international stocks, and the rest in cash, EE Bonds, one bank CD and mutual bond funds.

  20. 30% of my portfolio is invested in US Stocks, 11% in gold and silver, the rest in a mix of cash, international stocks, one CD (@3.75 interst, due Oct 2013) and EE Bonds and mutual fund bonds.

  21. I have zero monies in stocks. Since losing so much in 2008, I have stayed completely
    out of stocks……..Have some in silver and foreign treasury bonds. Would be interested
    in something more stable and secure than stocks. Too risky in my opinion especially
    with the dollar going down ALOT in its value.


  22. I have 66% of my investments in stocks and stock funds. 23% is international equity.

  23. I see the question changed, which I didn’t notice. Well if 18% of my portfolio is in international stocks, 82% must be in U.S. stocks. For the past three years, I’ve been playing it safe with big companies paying great dividends reinvested. I’ve done well.

  24. About 18% of my portfolio is invested in international stocks with 6% of my investments in Asia. All my Asian investments are in two funds: Mathews Asian Growth & Income Fund and T Rowe Price’s New Asia Fund. Mathews is the top performer. I’ve been in it since July of 2003 and almost tripled my money with an annualized gain of 30%. You can’t beat that. When it comes to Asia, Mathews knows its stuff.

  25. I have about sixty 60% percent of my investments in US stocks. A few corporate bonds,. and limited cash at the moment. Moving to more cash due to concerns about the market.

    1. Ihave stocks in ATT I have a money market account and a insurance account,I don.t have any other stocks or bonds. i have never have known any thing about invessting and my husband didn.t either so I am rather lost. maybe I should forget any of this before I make mistakes and lose everything.

  26. Martin, please delete Theodore’s name from your list. My name is the only one that should be on your list. Banyon is handling our ira’s. Our investment report states that stocks are 77% of holdings. They look to be all USA stocks. Most are dividend stocks.

  27. U.S.stocks about 40-50% with good dividends being reinvested.Other monies in Annuities,Health Care REIT and SEI.

  28. 80% in U.S. Stocks. Rest in Canada and the World. Most in dividend paying stocks.

    Stock Market has been very good to me!

    I have cash waiting for……….

  29. 70 % I have followed Sean, but used my own timing, losing on the margins, but staying funded in the middle of the trading range. I have played with gold at 5% just to see how accurate he would be. Spot on

  30. 18 % US stocks as of 1/1/13. Most of my funds are still in bonds or cash, with a close watch for signs of inflation or interest rate increases. I sold some TIPS recently, but they are higher now – I was early on that. Have been shortening maturities lately.

  31. About 50%. This is done via enqities with Fidelity, some that I own w/o a broker and about $325K with Morgan Stanley that is managed w/o my input/control, etc.

  32. 19% Obviously my plan is to make money and protect my retirement. I do find your people seem to be contradicting each other and this is causing a lot of confusion. Also everyone and their son seems to be coming out with a new investment letter at additional cost. I thought we had paid for their advise. As a result I am mostly in high yield Canadian stocks as they appear to pay more and keep appreciating even when paying 8 to 10% dividend which can take advantage of the dividend tax credit in Canada.
    My U.S. stocks are the big blue chip ones which appear to be doing nicely ie Yum, Pepsi, Coke, Berkshire Hathaway, Starbucks, Panara Bread etc.

  33. I have about 5% of my stocks in American companies. This varies as I have stop losses on most of the equities in my portfolio. Most of my precious metal stocks (gold, silver, etc.) have been sold thankfully because of the stop losses that were applied.

  34. i only have about 10-12% of my ira in stocks, the rest cd’s with lousy yields, but I’m not losing money, well i guess i am due to inflation, but not like the approx 16,000 dollars i’m in the hole on paper in AAPL stock, I’m ready to bail out of the stock, friends tell me to hang in there apple will do just fine, yeah i’ve heard that hundreds of times before. My other stocks include, T, TEVA, F, PBI, INTC, and of course my loser aapl, all the stocks pay dividends, from 2% to 10%
    Total ira value about 479,000 and i have to start taking distributions in 2 yrs.

    1. I can’t afford to invest as I am retired and living off soc sec!!! I do enjoy reading your e-mails though. Thanks.

  35. I am 54% long US equities, 20% bonds, 15% cash and 11% hedged with mainly 2 and 3-Beta gold and gold miners.

  36. less than 3 per cent, as best I can determine, there’s too much volatility to the extreme and since I’m not a trader, I choose to keep out of harms way, where ever it may come from

  37. 100% North American companies, mostly U.S. but some Canadian. Mexico is looking better all the time.

  38. 80% are US stocks. I still believe in American business. I pretty much follow Larry’s recos.

  39. Only 10% in stocks, the rest in cash and real estate. Also own insurance gold which I’ll never sell. I wish I had been taking your advice, instead of just reading it. JP

  40. I have 0% in any stocks…..never knew what to invest in and really don’t have any $ I can afford to lose at all

  41. I have no stocks anywhere. I have never been involved in the stockmarket before but am now looking at it to decide wether I should try to make an income from it for my soon to be retired life, hence my subscription to your newsletter. I need a lot of help to try and understand what goes on. All the terminology and different types of investing is overwelming for a beginner.

  42. I have only 2 stocks invested. I’m satisfied with them and do not have time to discuss further. Thank you for your interest but I’m really NOT interested in stocks, so you can eliminate your daily letter to me.

  43. 1.I have no stocks! 2. Expect to be paid back on a 15 year loan next month (high 6 figure amount)
    3. I was an engineer.4 am 91 and am going strong. 4 I would like to invest 80% in stocks,currenc -ey, gold,silver,precios metals 5 have been reading up on these things so as to understand as much
    as I could.6. Would like to roll these over were ever posibble. 7 Live in a retirment home. 6. have
    been investing in oil wells for 16 years– have done well 8.have a trust but would like to grow it for my family.
    what advice would you give me???? phone 832-437-6183 Thank you very much
    ken wait (WWII -B17 pilot)

  44. A very small percentage of my portfolio’s are in US stocks. On Friday I took some nice profits in DZZ,, GLL and ZSL. For the most part I follow all of Larry E’s recommendations in the Real Wealth Report.

  45. Between 10-15 percent in stocks, mutual funds & ETF’s. Rest is currently in real estate and cash for now. About 5% in precious metals – ???

  46. Since I have an Investment Advisor performing most of my investments, I do not know the mix.

  47. Dr. Weiss,

    What a pleasure to have a direct way to communicate with the son of Irving Weiss, whose money
    market was where I stored the funds I didn’t need immediately for my one man business in San Diego. That was about 1969. I’m 82 now and surviving well enough but I do need advice to keep from making too many mistakes. As you can see from the delay on answering your first question,
    I don’t even turn on the computer every day. The last time that I had a paycheck from a full time
    job was before Thanksgiving in 1962. I decided at that time to be an entrepreneur. I made a living
    in a variety of ways at first. I “invented” a business as a supplier of printing to many businesses but I didn’t have any printing equipment. I just farmed the jobs out to the companies who wear best equipped for that particular order. The freedom in doing business that way allowed me to get
    invested in real estate. That is where I made the most of my money for retirement.

    Now to finally get to the question for today. “What percentage of your portfolio is invested in U.S. stocks”?

    My portfolio is designed mostly to be used by my nephew and his family after I die. I realize that
    my heavy investment in commodities may take many years before the right time to sell gets here.
    Two or three times I sent emails to some of your staff and asked them what percentage I should be
    putting into the precious metals, etc., but I never received an answer from any of them.

    I have roughly 30% in precious metals, 65% in U. S, stocks and 5% in cash.

    In case anyone there wonders why I use such a strange e-mail address, the letters mean:
    “Fight For Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness”

  48. About 85% to 90% of my portfolio is invested in equities which include individual stocks, mutual funds and ETF’s. While many of the stocks and mutual funds are designated as being based in the US, many of these securities obtain most of their revenue from countries outside of the US.

  49. no fixed percentage. Do covered calls, irrespective of country. Funds wise, 80% are in US.

  50. I have 5% in a few basic stocks. 95% is betting against the market and commodities. World situation will catch up with this mismanaged country and our stock markets.

  51. zero. I do not read your research. please unsubscribe me. I need to be convinced that the ultra-rich are not manipulating the market for larger bonuses.

  52. My U.S. investments are 56%, the rest is Canada.
    I do very much read and enjoy the daily Money and Markets report.
    Keep up the good work .

    1. I don t have any investments in the stock market at this time. I am researching biotechnology, 3D technology, and energy stocks for possible investment.

  53. I apologize for being so slow in responding to your email but have been tied up with taxes and family situations. Investments in U S Stocks is zero % except for a couple of annuities and an IRA. At 80+ yrs of age and having been “burnt” in stocks a lot of years ago, I am now trying to learn about the stock market and investing.

  54. Tom: For a mix of pipelines (midstream), master limited partnerships (mlp’s), and a basket of various other energy related stocks, look at the Kayne Anderson Funds: especially KMF, KYN, and KYE. You may also be interested in KED.

  55. I have about 45% invested in stocks and stock mutual funds and 55% in cash in an IRA at the present moment. I just sold some stocks at a loss. I am holding 100 shares of Apple at $460 price cost (a huge loss), as I sold a covered call against it for $620 just before the stock started to crash. Will hold on. I am 72 so sure hope that it comes back in the next few years. I will need it to take my IRA RMD’s and pay my taxes. I PLAN TO SELL A RENTAL HOUSE AND BUY ANOTHER RENTAL HOUSE THIS YEAR. I AM USING FIDELITY AND SCOTTRADE WEBSITES FOR MY INVESTMENTS & TRADING.

  56. About 30% cash and 60% stock including inverse and short. About 10% in natural gas.

  57. I have about 10% in us stocks, the rest of my assets in cd’s. I think right now the stock market is too much a risk.

  58. 7My asset allocation is 38% Bonds, 13% Equitity Funds, 28% in Vanguard Funds, 3% Equities , and 19% Cash. I subscribe to several of your investment letters but am becoming dissapointed with all the changes in personnel doing the writing. I became coffident in Larry eddelsons advice but now I cannot even find his information. I feel I got birnt on Claus’s news letter. That was $2000 waisted. Now All I see comming out are teasers to buy mor news letters . I am considering stopping my subscriptions.

  59. I have a single digit percent in the market. Being ‘older’ I find the market too shaky to invest currently. I’m waiting for your cue..? I am also holding on gold (thankfully).


  60. I have 5% in one U.S. stock. The remainder are in Canadian , Chilean, and Israeli stocks.

  61. Martin:
    I don’t have any money in stocks. My investments are in Treasury, bonds, gold and silver.
    What I would like is a mixture of oil producing stock, pipelines, Food producing companies and some growth potential. As a retiree I need to roll over into tax defered investments.

  62. I’m unsure because I’ve been lhandling my dad’s day to day in the last 3 months of
    rehab, hospital, nursing home.

  63. Sorry to be so late in answering your question…Trouble comes in threes….I have a very small sinkhole in my front yard, then my septic tank backed up and I need a new drain field and I had to replace my alarm system…….so I am late getting to you…..I am too old for all these GOODIES!

    I have 96.6 percent in US stocks and/or mutuals…..(too many!!!!!)

  64. D. Davenport’s Inflrn Survival Strategy:
    Index ETF’s long or short 10.5%
    Account cash in reserve for strategy 7.6%
    Total Acct for strategy 18.1%
    Individual L-T stock holdings 1.3%
    i SHARES stock index funds 14.4%
    Cash 66.2%
    Total retirement Accts 100.0%

  65. U.S. stocks- 16.5% Canadian stocks-23.4% Others-1.8% Cash-21.8%-Gold-9.5% Silver 15.5% Land-11.5%

  66. Mr. Weiss,
    First of all, I don`t have any Canadian or U.S. stock.
    When I first notice your web site and I had an opportunity to receive your email letters and recommendations to purchase of stock, I thought this would a great start me to increase my income.
    I do not have a Broker and I have a lot of resistence in my home not to purchase stock.
    With the above situation I`m in, I want to cancel my subscription with you at this time.
    Robert Gingerich

  67. I am 95% invested in U.S. STOCK . 40% cash.I have shares in; GSK, J&J, VLO, XOM, BRK B, DVN, GLD, ITC,LNG, TSO,ESV,POT.

  68. 40% Global REIT’s, (doing well) 30%, cash, 15% inverse ETF’s( mixed bag results)15% commodities and miners ( not doing well)

  69. 80% of the retirement funds are invested in the market, mostly in short t0 medium term bond funds.

  70. Dr. Weiss,

    Thank you for your kind message. I have no investments in stocks.


  71. I currently have invested 95% of my market investments in stocks. I am 83 yrs old and extremely
    conservative. I do nott use a broker,but invest in direct stock purchases if available and buy the others thru US.AA brokerage. My current holdings are over $200,000, including 21 stocks, 2
    funds, 2 annuities. I only invest in large and medium cap stocks that historically pay a dividend.
    These stocks are: At&t, Costco,Duke Energy, Emerson Elec., Exxon Mobil, First Fin. Hldgs., Johnson &Johnson,Next Era Energy, Paychex,Procter&Gmble, Coca-Cola, Amer.Elec. Power,
    Amer. Nat’l.Ins. Co. Symetra Fin. Corp., Gen. Mills, Omega Health. I have to amend my prior
    statement, I have on a few occasions taken a sm. flyer at 5 speculative stks.

  72. 0-have lost over 250,000 in last 15 years . Don t trust the market nor Wall Street! I feel it is being totally manipulated and also think you newsletter people are using your letters to sell higher priced services. I do own land, timber, and silver. It would please me if I could get expert honorable advice from you!

  73. As of 4-19-13 50% Cash 50% Gold and Silver mining stocks and Gold and Silver ETF’s.

  74. No stocks. Liquidated all paper investments after being burned in the MF Global affair. Now concentrate on physical gold, silver, rare coins. Have some foreign real estate (Vietnam). We are in uncharted financial and economic territory here, so I have become more conservative in my investment approach, preferring possession of everything I own.

  75. Hi, I have some of the inverse etfs TBT, SEF, EUO, and GLD held for 5-6 years-physical and etf, and contributions in some green funds PGRNX, CFWAX which continue trickling up even the last few days-held for > 5 yrs will continue yearly contributions and expect to follow VEU-Vanguard exUS to acquire in favorable volatility, have over half my funds in cash equivalents anticipating broad sector funds mostly, pacific basin, commodities, technology/pharma /emerging markets. And I intend following Money and Markets reporting alap. bets to everyone.

  76. I currently have 35% of my investments in equities, primarily in blue chip stocks. I, along with others, see a huge correction over the horizon. Thinking of reducing my U.S. stock holdings to a level below 20%.

  77. Close to 50% and looking for more foreigh investments.

    Biggest dud (LOSS) in my portfolio right now is Apple (AAPL) which keeps going down but I am hesitant to sell.

  78. My investments are primarily real estate. I have a little ($10,000.00) in underperforming cd’s and moneymarket fund. No current individualized stocks or stock funds.

  79. currently I am only a observer, of the market, obtaining a self education thus I am able to make
    intelligent decisions pertaining to each market
    I tried in 2000 to 2003 to enter the investing world and soon realized that I failed to lay the proper ground work for self investing U could say that I have held a deep interest in the markets going back to the early 60’s.
    jumping forward to current an auto/truck accident has forced the issue to jump on or retire as I lost my ability to continue my profession and being a self-sustained individual I choose to be remain so by proving that the markets are not impossible
    and since I do not have any investment currently my answer to your question is NONE with the future full of actives in the investing world FOR MY LETTING OFF SOME BUILD-UP STEAM R J G says Thanks

  80. Sorry for my delay. While I am 81 yrs old, I still seem too busy. I was a banker for years,
    forced out, and last 22 yrs became a realtor, only part time. I subscribed perhaps to too
    much data and don’t do justice to all the data I receive. Yours is always very thorough.
    I have approx. 50% in stock and another approx. 50% in a regular IRA in mutual stock funds.
    I am very worried about the IRA because of what the Govt. may attempt to do to IRAs.
    I think of buying some gold or silver but have not done so. Is it better to purchase either
    in stock mines or the actual physical item??? Any thoughts will be sincerely welcome.

  81. Zero! What goes up must come down – and what goes up fast must come down even faster. I’ll wait until there’s a real bust and nowhere to go but up.

  82. O- I am in survival mode. It is possible that any paper is stock or currency is worthless.

  83. 16%, and this only by “force” ;-)

    this equity is listed in the UK and the USA, so I chose the “lesser evil”; in general I prefer to sty out of the US market for the time being

  84. +-80% I am an amature invester, so I have to depend on A.G. Edwards, now Wells Fargo. I let my gold stock drop, due to sickness and indecision. It made money months ago, now it is loosing and I think it will rebound. I don’t have much to show for 25 years of depending on others. Now, I am too sick think straight.


  86. Dear Martin,
    I tried to communicate with you on your blog yesterday, but when I hit the submit button I could not connect with you.

    So the answer to Thursday’s question (Australian time) is that I have no current investments in the U.S.A..

    I retired in November last year, and have been accumulating information from a number of U.S.A. investment advisory groups over the last 15 months. During my working life my wife and I have relied on our superannuation contributions for the future, but their returns have been a real disappointment and if we live beyond another 10 years then those resources will be exhausted.

    My retirement payout plus accumulated savings is currently sitting in a bank account, which though not as vulnerable as U.S. banks is still not safe in our minds, and we are looking with considerable interest at your track record.

    The difficulty created by the continuous money printing that has been going on in Europe and the U.S.A. is ensuring that technically, both these entities are bankrupt and seem to just assume they can trade and print their way out in the hope that is doesn’t crumble whilst they are still in power.

    I note that your second question has arrived asking how much longer do I think this stock market rally can last?

    When the U.S. cannot afford to pay the interest on their trading debts, and the Eastern trading block continue to make trading agreements with each other and countries in Africa and South America that eliminate payments to the U.S. (as part of the Reserve Trading currency agreement), the demise of the U.S. economy will be hastened further. How long could this takes will depend upon what happens in Europe who are in a similar position.


  87. Don’t own any stocks. Money is in company 401k plan. Some cash on the side for emergencies.

  88. I have about 30% in stocks, not sure I want much info on the internet so answer is short

  89. None of my money is in Us stocks. I live in Australia & have 35% invested in aussie stocks. The rest is in cash & I want to invest it in aussie stocks

  90. Martin, I am 8 and 1/2 decades old. I do not have stock. My holdings are in gold and silver. I would love to have a way of making money. We are bombared with 20 or more investment letters stating their ideas are the best. Over the years I feel your company would b e the best, but which one? I subscribe to Larry Edelson letter and have for years but it is not working now. Would like some help. Thanks, Bud

  91. I have no stocks just annuities . I put money into a annuity by North American Company.
    Can you give me a rating of this Company?
    Thank You:

  92. I have about 40% in US stocks. 10% in cash. About 50% in bonds. Probably 90% of bonds are short term or intermediate.

  93. I have no US stocks at the present time. I continue holding gold and silver bullion and related Canadian stocks including oil.

  94. I currently have about 20% in gold stocks, 30% in MM, 20% in foreign stocks and the balance in gold bullion.

  95. In 2010 had put funds in Fidelity account to follow Weiss as they traded.I had moved fromAig. Bankers Life and Casualty. I had 30 days to change my mindbut they woul.dn’t answer the phone.The interest I earned would be on the fluction in S+P. My main concern at that time was the stability of the $.They wouldn’t make good on the 30 day opportunity to put my funds back into Fidelity. They don’t answer the phone or return messages. Ididn’t have much money after AIG.Our company rep from them was discharged Am I in the stock market?

  96. about 5% in gold stock
    about 75% in stocks
    about 20% in stocks shorts your recomentions

  97. I’ve made the mistake of investing in penny stocks from advertisements I’ve received in the
    mail and have lost a big bunch. Beginning today I have cut my news letters to just 2… yours
    and the cash cow. All of the new ads I receive will go in the trash without reading!

  98. I have read all the information you have sent me and don’t know how you can help me with
    the cash problem I have. I am willing to do what I have suggested in the previous information
    I gave you concerning my cash problem now

  99. Dear Martin and Expert Team Members,

    My brief answer to this is: 100 % in US dollars living in Western Europe (euro zone).

    Thank you,


  100. 15% US stocks
    15% Australian Stocks
    5% annuities
    60% or more in property, and balance in various liquid forms.

  101. Looking at my personal asset chart, it appears in stocks, options, & ETFs, I have about 55% mostly 50% American. At my age (88 & in excellent health) most of my stock is fairly old. This does not take in my wife’s assets nor our joint account.

  102. Cash and money funds – 7%
    Fixed income – 44%
    Equities – 3%
    Exchange traded funds – 46%
    30 troy oz. gold in Swiss 20 franc coins
    50 % cash
    Seeing that the world economy is now run and engineered by a financial elite that is criminal, I want to maintain my liquidity. However, my big question at this point is how can I protect my money from confiscation if the fed and the financeers/government decide to pull a Crete type confiscation here.

  103. With the enormous global debts of countries , I feel the market is being manipulated and I’m staying out until things stabilize. As a retiree, preservation of capital comes 1st even if I’m earning next to nothing.

  104. I am 80 yrs old and have about 80% of my funds in US bonds. 20% in US growth mutual funds.

    It seems with the stock market this high – I should have more in stocks?

  105. about 10%. I’m scared US will go bankrupt any minute. Since i live in Canada I have all my stocks/income in Camadian funds

  106. Hello Martin,

    I keep less than 5% in US stock, given the sad outlook for our country.








  108. Am not that keen about putting personal info on the internet. Some responses include the entire allocation of the portfolio. I am not that brave. I will only say that U.S. equities are about 18%, maybe too much for folks in their late 70’s?

  109. I have wellover two thids of my money in us stocks and one uk stock.
    one pro silver etf the rest cash but as iam only on carriers allowance looking after mum whoose disabled cannot aford to take any more batterings.
    The best performing stock I have this year on a cfd is glacio smith kline ticker code gsk.l which the lord gave me in feburary this year as Iwas thinking which stock to trade in this area.
    so far its a winning trade which shows the lord is always right to help drag my 60,000 pound losses back. praise the lord.
    hope you dont think iam crazy martin on this one as the lord knows i am worried about my portfolio so jesus as helped me out on this trade to help pull my looses back.

  110. I have recently joined Doug Davenports Inflation Survival Strategy plus I have a position in
    INTC and AGM. Frankly have not figured the amount in %’s. Hope this helps.

    Bill Foushee

  111. at this point we are 95% in resources–farmland, off-grid infrastructure, bullion, stored goods, etc.
    5% in cash. we are not looking for paper profits as we do not know whether exchanges will close
    and for how long whether in 2 mo or 2 yr. as bill gross said investors are now less concerned about te return on their money than the return of their money.

    mr. weiss you and others who see clearly and speak honestly have done a great service especially since the late 1990s in simply telling it like it is. as a favor to you we cannot stress enough that it
    is now too close to drastic events in mid decade to risk capital in the most brilliant trades ever if
    those trades are rendered null and void by defaults in the world of international finance. if you have a private island or the equivalent it’s better to arrive 2 years too early than 2 weeks too late.

    you can always come back when the dust settles



  112. It seams t me that over the last 20 years an engineered stock market disaster occures every 8 to 10 years. I plan to hold my cash for the next one.

  113. I am in my 80’s so…..
    % in stocks and bonds 0%

    % in precious metals 40%

    % in cash 60%

  114. Martin,
    I am an educator ($35,000 a year), age 63, house paid for, $7,000 left on a car loan, two kids out of college and it’s paid for. I have some stocks, but my investments are mostly in mutual funds, and don’t even ask about my savings. If I had money to invest, I would be buying gold, silver, and investing with your company. Right now, I am just trying to keep my head above the water and the wolf away from the door. Thanks to Obama, I am now minus $40 every month for his stupid socialistic health care to pay for the freeloaders, etc. Do I take money out of my retirement mutual funds and invest it in ?

  115. 53% US, 36% foreign, 11% sector ETF’s with both. Dumped my gold mining shares & 75% of my GLD 15 months ago when charts started looking bad. Best move I made in late 2011. My chart reading says precious metals are in for a long winter.

  116. at 85 years and now living in Australia I often reflect on my many happy years growing up in USA. I am very disappointed with the world of today and the many years and big costs that will be necessary to pay for our very selfish living. I am very ashamed for the status my generation is leaving the world- another ROME !!!!

  117. If I knew how long the rally will last I would put out my own newsletter. Strange question from someone who is supposed to tell us.

  118. Approximately 60%. Diversified in large, medium, & small cap domestics, 10% in emerging markets, 15% in medium term bonds. We recently re-dipped our toes into biothech & pharmaceuticals on as slight pullback and got cut off at the ankles. Will probably hold off on the additional 40% until a significant pullback by the market.

  119. I have 50% in stocks and mutual funds, the rest cash. Stocks are good dividend payers. I sold all gold and silver a few months ago after substantial gains.

  120. Greetings: Another comment:
    I do follow Edelson, though I’ve tried to add some Safe Money recos as well, usually.
    My portfolio is small, and have been burnt a few times (notably – & embarassingly, by
    following Ms Rockefeller into the currency swamps)
    but am still trying.
    As Mr. Edelson is now saying, it’s time to add a few upwardly mobile stocks …

  121. US investments —80%– of it 35% in high yielding Reits– several Vanguard mutual funds–equities and bonds;
    additional cash in dollars !
    Vale, C.

  122. In a word, None. I am 35% s/t Treasuries, 25% gold etc, 15% Asia, and the rest in
    various hedges including GLL, SEF, UUP, and DOG (gawd help me).
    This will not do. . . .

    1. The U.S. Government need control complete safety rule for the people. There are so many
      frauds among of them. Does democracy let these unfair swindlers free?
      This is the same phenomenon with gun control. President Obama wants to stop seriously for another tragedy and majority of common people also agree with the President , however
      there are tricky traders who have strong influence to the member of assembly to continue the sale of weapon. For them that sacrificial children are not important just like the 9/11 of 2001.

  123. 60% in U.S. stocks ,balance in cash based on advice of All-Weather Invester.Just sold( SPY).

  124. I would prefer to communicate by mail at this time.
    If you will send me your address and a phone number, I will be happy to answer your questions.

  125. We can not get our money right now without paying a large penalty, as it is with a broker who put into guaranteed accounts. We did this before we understood what a mess our nation is in. I want to take the money and the loss and have something rather that nothing in a few years. My husband does not agree with me. I really would like to sell the house and buy a trailer to put on a few acres of land. However, the drought has closed this option. We have a son with a health problem and the money in the broker accounts was to be for him, but I fear there will be nothing left. The broker has around $800,000, and he has around 75% in stocks. I have gone in four times asking to get out of stocks, but he and my husband think I have rocks in my head.

  126. 60% in stocks, 1/2 in dividend paying stocks, 1/2 growth stocks, 5% gold, 5%LT tres, the rest in cash.

  127. have 80% gold$ silver certificates.
    other instocks & cash ,waiting for Larrys call on metals

  128. As a Canadian resident & investor I have about 30% of my holdings in US stocks & ETFs, the balance in a mix of Cdn stocks & ETFs, mostly div producing majors; Cdn REITs and some Cdn revenue properties.

  129. I only have stocks in a Roth account. Only about 10% in stocks in that Roth account.

  130. 23% U S stocks Your best analyst is Larry. I lost a bundle on Goyette. Isn’t there some way you can forewarn your clients that some of your analysts have bad investing records? When you tout a new analyst and newsletter everything sounds great, but following their advise is very risky.

  131. Except for the small amount of gold & silver that we have.
    75% is in stocks.
    Including mutual funds that have 20% bonds in the mix.

  132. No stocks since you told us to get out 2 yrs ago. All funds in bank losing value due to inflation.

  133. Approximately 35% of my portfolio is invested in equities at this time, including a minor amount of ETF’sandMLP’s.

  134. Martin,
    I am short EU Stox 50, and S&P 500 by 25% and long on oversold silver 10%.
    I`ve lost a fortune being short with the Fed driving the market higher for years now but I can´t stop shorting here as I think the market is way overbought here and I need to cover by silver long position.
    I am more bearish as anyone can be.

  135. I have ’bout 50% in CDN Junior Precious Metals, where I’ve made most of my revenue on “Ten Baggers” and more. I have 25%? in US Stocks. and the rest in physical bullion gold and bullion and scrap silver coins. Some Royalty and some ETF. Not enough cash. I am looking for that magic stock that will take me to the moon so I can have enough equity to bring me in at least, in any sort of currency, that will bring in five thousand secure $$$$$s a month in royalties and/or dividends.

  136. I only have money in metal and a tiny bit in mining stock…went thru an SBA disaster a few years ago…I like Larry’s comments…well others too..can’t think if his name…young man with blonde hair and hair parted in middle….and would like to hear more from your Indian and German reps you mentioned one time. I don’t care if gold and silver go up and down…I am keeping it…since I don’t have a lot of money…I am concerned if we will have martial law in America in the near future…In 2008 US Representative’s office told me Halliburton detention camps were in place all over the country. More recently a friend of a friend’s husband said he was working on some top secret location built in the northwest and we have tons of helicoptors going up and down occasionally. Wonder if it’s one of those mammoth FEMA camps we hear about enslaving us since most of our constitutional rights are gone. I am wondering about selling my large art collection and house and moving out of country? There are also tons of chemtrails being sprayed on us. The trees are dying..And if that is not enough a biochemist told me we are not being told the truth about the radiation from Japan and that we should all be east of the Rockies at least….There is proof in babies born in the northwest after Fukishima that radiation is affecting thyroids, growth and brain development. But mainstream news won’t touch it. It’s not that I’m unpatriotic although I don’t like the continued wars we are forcing on other countries……just want a safe place to live and worried about my grandchildren. Would appreciate any advice.

  137. I don’t have any assets in stocks. I am worried about the finaNCIAL CONDITION OF OUR COUNTRY WITH ALL OF THEIR IDIOTIC SPENDING.


  139. The only thing that I have invested in stocks today is in my IRA Variable Annuity.
    I am 82 years old and not interested in investing in the stock market, but I am interested in Larry Edelson’s advice on silver & gold investments. Also I like Charles Goyette’s info on gold & silver in the Freedom & Prosperity Letter.
    I am interested in gold & silver coins only, not stocks.

  140. around 20% in stocks. I do not know how many are ETFs in that number. please do not post info on page so that other readers can read comments. I stopped Safe Money Report subscription. I cannot keep up with recommendations to buy and sell and I have not made any money, probably lost money.

  141. Sadly, I have been short the market with SH and have only experienced losses over the last 4 years.
    I have some precious metal ETF’s which are also dropping. Fortunately, because of Larry, I shorted with ZSL and it is keeping me even.

  142. I’m not investing in the matter of fact I need a lot of help in whatever money I have left for my latter days.. I’m 70 years young, sick and with no experience whats so ever when it comes to the stock market. I made good money in Munis awhile back but also lost a lot with a couple of days .I need honest, secure professional guidance as to what I can do to make up for some losses and be able to protect my last days and leave some money for wife of 43 years which has taken care of me through all this ordeal of illnesses. PLEASE HELP..! I’ve been reading your articles for quite a while now and enjoyed them very much.

  143. P.S. Also own TBT based on your recommendation and am upside down, but also want to add to position. I agree interest rates headed up, but when? Is this “dead money” for now? WHEN do you think a turn will show up as TBT is also posting losses if I hold while Treasuries would be flat (I.e tracking error).

  144. about 16-18% right now but planning to move funds to large cap investments since I am lacking in that area – so I plan to add 25%

  145. Recently sold UNG. Holding UCO, SDS, QID, SLV (looking to add to small position when smoke clears). Heavily short S&P 500, QQQ and UNG via about $10 k in puts out to July. Looking to sell those in chunks late May.

  146. I sold my business recently and I am studying the market to get ready to invest a lot more than before. I have Profitable Investing ans a couple more and you. I am comparing to know more.

  147. 5% Asia mutual funds
    5% Mexico stocks
    10% long term treasury bond etfs
    30% inverse etfs in energy, materials, gold and emerging markets.
    50% cash

    seems to be working

  148. would like to hear back from you on the two tech stocks that was promised when i joined you.

  149. 30% Nat Res Mutuals
    30% Utilities (u s, Cdn., euro.) for dividends.
    10% ETF’s
    25% Cash waiting for silver buy.
    5% misc

  150. I’m holding 50% in a trust which will eventually be distributed to my children. It’s just sitting in the bank.
    30% in virtual banks
    10% in DOG
    I would appreciate help!

  151. 95% Canadian mining stocks, held in DRS NOT brokerage account. 5% in US stock held in certificates. Never used margin, NO MARGIN-EVER!!! We (investors) are witnessing the start of the “total financial chaos” phase of this world class disaster right now, today. What kind of an economics PhD degree do people need to recognize that you do not cure a worldwide debt binge by borrowing more money, honestly that is not in the realm of sanity!

    1. Pulled my money out Canadian mining investment and also Cliff. start investing in steady Eddy stock Sherwin Williams, Apog, A flag Nextera, Phillips 66 an IBM. Purchase low and sell high. Usually 80% in stocks and never more than 20% in each one about 20% in fixed income Gabelly income trust at 6% return. Average return on all investments 11%

  152. 60% US stock 2% Canadian 38% cash waiting for recommendations for cash producing stock or other investments.

  153. 54% equities at this time.
    Still big money out there with no place else to
    make $. I did just move out of my position with SPY

  154. I currently hold no U.S. stocks. I took out all of my money (stocks) from my Deferred Compensation Plan and put it into Stable Value. As this is part of the State retirement savings plan I don’t have much options as to what I can purchase.

    As I explained to one of your people I signed up with you to find out what was happening. When I retire (maybe in 4 years) I plan to use this money (my Deferred Comp.) to invest following your recommendations. Hopefully there will be something great to invest in then. Until then I will continue to read your recommendations and see how they do.

  155. Hi, I been reading and listening to your teachings for awhile. I don’t have a large sum of money to invest and at my age do not want to take to many chances. I am working on paying off a couple credit cards and want more income without being tied to a hourly job.

  156. Martin et al,

    I currently have 7% of my investments in stock. In June, I turn 64, which means that I’m not far away from the next phase of my life. However, and more importantly, I no longer trust the markets, the federal reserve (never did), and treasury (probably never should have); all of which leaves me in a quandry on where to park my funds. I pulled almost all of my money out of stocks in August of 2007 when it was clear to me that I no longer understood what was happening in the markets or the world economy (one of the best moves that I ever made). Since August 2007, I have been picking up “blue chippers” pre exdividend, to snatch up the dividend, and almost always got out shortly after (always made money – even if only the dividend).

    I believe that we are due for a correction, which will be quickly followed by a massive longterm surge in equity prices. However, there are dark clouds everywhere, many of which can easily derail the markets (up to and including the world’s leading economies). Thus, I am cautious to the point of being a bit too cautious at times.

    Last note: I have a sense that a strange oscillation from a brief bout of deflation to a rampant phase of inflation may be in store. Given this, I find it very difficult to determine where to go and what to do next. This is especially challenging given “retirement” is (hopefull) in my near future.

    All the best,


  157. Zero. As I see it the government has been filling in for the lack of demand from the consumer since 2007. They cannot do this indefinitely. There has been a structural drop in consumer demand that is unlikely to recover anytime soon and the supply side of the economy has yet to adjust. Until that happens (which I think will be soon) I am staying in cash.

  158. 5 %
    renting & no real estate presently.
    Considering moving to Phoenix where I could buy a condo for
    under $200,ooo.

    76 years young

    Looking for high hIgh quality big cap stocks with a good dividend
    yields with decent prospects for growth. Microsoft?


    Looking at pimco funds for bond exposure but worried about interest rates
    popping and damaging a bond oriented portfolio. When do you feel that
    bonds are a good place for income.

    What would be your prescription for for income?

  159. I have most of my personally managed funds in pipeline MLPs and other O&G well programs. My managed accounts have a world invest-able bias. Just bought a bit of SLW.

  160. Dear Martin:

    I am an old guy with limited resources. I have about 1/3 of my funds in precious metals, a small stash of cash, and the rest in a few (what I call) solid American stocks, like Coca Cola, GE, and Ford. My plan is to hunker down, keep what I’ve got, and wait for that day when TSHTF— which, according to your experts, will not be long in coming. I’ve subscribed to some reports of your gurus in the past, like Larry and Sean—and also to the Safe Money Report—but no more.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your words of wisdom, but I’m not a candidate for more subscriptions. So you can remove my name from your list of subscribers.
    I hereby wish you and your fine team farewell,
    and God-speed,

    Glynn Rogers
    Kingwood, Texas

    1. Dear Martin,

      I’m an old retired person and have limited funds. 37% of my holdings are in US Stocks (IBM) and the rest in GLD. I have I have a 132% gain in my IBM stock, and a 25.6 % gain in GLD since my purchase of both of these. I also have a small reserve of cash.

      What isyour opinion of IBM and GLD?



  161. Hi Martin, My most active port is in a bit of dissarray at the moment. I sold what I considered to be my seven best holdings for an average gain of 24.4% just a few days before the recent big drop. That leaves me a little bit overly hedged to the downside and I’m not quite sure what my next move is going to be. Regards, Tom

  162. 50% in timberland, 15% in US stocks, 15% in short term bonds, 15% in gold/silver/platinum, 4% in foreign stocks, 1% in preferred stocks.


  164. I am invested in MLP’s and power companies for for cash flow. I am retired. 77 years of age
    MLP’s BPL – EPD – ETP – MWE – TNH
    Tom Orton

  165. zero % now in US Stocks (83% in US Stocks and US Stock Mutual Funds 2 months ago). Any day now it will be about 30% in ETF’s.

  166. lew’s portfolio is 30% real estate, 15% precious metals, 30% US equities, 25% CA municipal

  167. Most of our retirement comes from commercial and residential real estate plus Social Security. We have approx. $100,000 in mutual funds ( Fidelity and U.s. Global). We use telephone switching and have recwently moved to cash funds but still have small positions in China, Global Emerging markets, and world precious minerals.

  168. I currently have 15.6% in equities. The recent decline in the market has me a bit nervous and I am constantly observing the effect on my holdings and preparing to “bail out” as and if necessary. The good ol’ “Sell in May and walk away” syndrome. Just watching for now.

  169. I am 50% in gold, 43% in Gold hedges( plus EUO, and TBT), and 4% in Gold Stocks (3% in cash). No long positions in the stock market. I have been heavy into gold ETFs since 2007 and have been hedged for the past 9 months (and glad I am). I plan to stay in gold as our country’s government will continue to devalue the dollar and mess with the economy which will eventually create inflation. I am pleased with the recent drop in gold and gold stock prices and plan to sell the hedges soon and slowly buy gold stocks as soon as they start trending higher. I have learned to listen to Larry Edelson and follow much of his advice. I also have other money in East Asian mutual funds.

    Thanks for the great job of giving us the big picture of what is happening with governments and their effects on economies around the world.

  170. I have about 10% invested in the stock market.
    I am holding physical gold , silver, farm land.
    I am in cash waiting to get back in the market .
    I am near retirement and I want safety
    Above all!

  171. Currently, 30% domestic stocks, with one third of that in MLPs. 10% international focused on Asia (Japan, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong. 6% gold.

  172. About 20% in US stock
    And I lost 25% of These stocks…Apple; Google and Options of both. Amgen Option is ok; Home Depot Option is ok. Old rebuplik nutral

    The total is not very high;ist only a small Budget for our daughter’s study

  173. These are dangerous times! To your inquiry: I have ~30% in the ‘market’. ~70% in cash in the accounts. Going nowhere fast. Now as we avalanche toward a cashless society, how do I inconspicuously spend down my other outside the system cash or bring it in to digital era? How long will real cash still be useful? [Not into GOLD] I have some yuan.

  174. I have cut back my gold & silver related stock investments to the bare minimum and have kept that minimum active so that I can observe the inevitable turn around that must come. Other than precious metals, I have about 40% invested in other asreas plus about 30% in cash. Being 80 years old I dont realistically have the luxury of investing for the long term.
    There is no doubt in my mind that the New World Order elites are manipulating our markets so as to put us all on our knees and then be able to impose on us all their mandates as “saviours”.

  175. I have no US stocks………all Canadian gold and silver. I keep asking about TBT….I have 130 shares. My question that no one has answered as yet is: Is there anything the Fed or Wall St can do to prevent the 30 yr treasury bond from bursting? If there is , I’d like to reduce my exposure because if there is any way for me to get screwed, it will happen. Johannes

  176. Hi Larry , 60% stocks (gold,oil, bio) 30% physical gold,silver,platinum( bought when gold was $492) and 10 % cash

  177. I stuck in gold stocks , ABX, KGC , YAM and IAG.

    I also invest in BBRY, AGU, ZNGA & RENN.

    And I about to ask for the refund of your service because I don’t think I will be benefited for the coming months.


  178. I have $9,000 in gold stocks. $7,000 in timber. $29,ooo in MLP. Some of the gold stock are Canadian.

  179. What happens in the stock market when Israel strikes Iran? I believe this event will happen very soon.

  180. DK What is a U.S. stock these days ? Always 90% in total market 50% internationals and domestic, 40%mlp,reits, and high yield, 8%p.metal miners.

  181. All in America. Have farm, cement stock for manny years which has been great. Oil leases, cash and many other investments. I am 86, so do not need any more investments. Carl

  182. I have about 10% invested at this time. I usually have about 80%. However this past year I have been down. I have invested in the last 5 positions in your Inflation Survival Strategy. I am prepared to get to the 40 % from the 10 % where I am now very soon. I had a dificulty receiving phone calls and emails until this week, I presume this problem has been corrected. I will soon find out with your next alert.

  183. About 10% in stocks. The rest is held in cash but I am looking to place it somewhere!

  184. As a citizen of Canada, and from Ontario, near (London ON), our economy is extremely slow at this point in time. If we can get a Conservative Government back in Power, we likely will see the economy take off again. I simply am Asset Rich and Cash poor so to speak, as both my farms have aggregate on them ,but when the economy is slow the Sales are also slow.
    Farms near us are going for $15,000.00 per acre for farming not counting what the gravel is worth. Usually any company interested in gravel,(aggregate), wants to purchase land for just farm land price. Until I am able to sell one of our farms, I probably will not be investing very much money at this time. **Noel**

  185. I have about 15% directly invested in the US stock market. The other 85% is invested in the US market through annuities. One of which you have rated the company above avg. The other slightly lower. That brings me to a question. After reading the book “Aftershock” I am concerned that when the bubble breaks and inflation runs wild the insurance companies will not be able to pay off the contract and my retirement will be lost.
    I realize that is possible with any company, but am wondering what you think the probablity is and what actions should I consider? Both are tax deferred which has a major impact on how I should withdraw from them beyound the federally reqd. age withdrawal.

  186. I do not have much in the way of investments anymore, the crash took most of it, and the rest I have had to use to maintain my ability to pay my obligations each month. I have only about $3,000.00 invested in gold and silver,both of which seeem to be going south. I do not think there is much anyone can do with that small amount of money and move forward.

  187. I presently have 0% in US or Foriegn stocks
    I’m 100% in cash in my portfolios because of the recent down-ward movement

  188. While I do read about investing, I am a small investor and not savy in the financial world. I have a 401K which I can manage and with your help and others I have about 80% of my portfolio in Stocks. I do not use any of the financial tools that are talked about. I buy and hold WDDG for dividends. I refuse to buy Gold even though it is a hedge against inflation. I can not bring myself to spend $1700 for an once of something. It may not be a good idea but I guess it is the old New England Yankee in me. WDDG make sense to me so I look for those.

  189. I am australian living in queensland australia the market is amess but i have hopes that my shares i have in small cap gold mining companies will — survive best of luck to all siro

  190. My wife’s retirement was rolled into an IRA with Edward Jones American Mutual funds with an annual fee of $40.
    It has returned about 12% annually since 2004.
    I don’t see her making any changes to individual stocks.


  191. We have about 80% in income stocks, as we use the dividends toward our living expenses.

  192. I am 50% invested in primarily US stocks. This 50% position consists of dividend producers and precious metal plays. Though, I am currently hedged the precious metals.

  193. 18-04-2013

    Dear Martin,

    Thanks for your regular education and information.
    I understand It is not bringing any business for you, now.

    As I am traveling and living at the moment in Europe,
    I am not investing in any product in the USA.

    I might do business in Central America, Panama, these next
    three months.

    With kind regards,


    W. DeVries
    Box 109
    The Netherlands.



  194. At the end of last year I took every thing out of stocks in my IRA account. I have been setting on the side lines every since, thinking that the market would fall and then get back in. Right now I don’t know what to do looking for direction in what you have to say.

    Thank you for what you try to do.
    Gary J. Sellers

  195. 100% cash at the moment as I don’t trust the governments or markets – waiting for the crash and the bargains that follow. Can the governments stave off this crash and maintain the present status quo using their present method?

  196. I am 20% in negative ETFs and 0% in us stocks or bonds. Plenty of cash waiting on the sidelines for the house of cards to implode.

  197. Right now I’m concentrating on my 2nd residency followed by 2ne passport. I hope I live long enought to see it all happen. I’m 70 and recovering from a stroke (2 years, now.) If I recover well, I hope to deal once again with Jyske Bank, Denmark in their currency exchange. I want to be out and away from the USA since Congress saw fit to wipe me out of about $500,000 in savings and $400,000 in real estate value. I do not trust the USA or US politics. My push is to free myself of that country and spend the rest of my time in peace and quiet. I have to be careful with the currency exchange, though, since there seems to be a push to go to a global currency. That would mash my Jyske plans.

  198. I follow blindly Doug Davenport’ recommendations in his All-Weather Investor program.

  199. 10% in US
    Problem of investing in US stock for my ISA and Smaller Accounts is the huge currency (fx) charge levied by UK platforms for US direct stock investment. Around 4% charge is a real disincentive.
    Open and close end funds are still the best route even with their charging structures ( for US investment )

  200. Hi Martin,,,85% gold (physical and in my hands) 15% cash (NZ Dollars) awaiting Larrys reccomendations.

  201. I have most 40% of my investments in Tax free cash accounts over 2 years with around a 4% interest rate. I have 15 % in physical gold and 5% in silver. The remaining amount is invested in Uk stocks some are holding steady and 2 have more than doubled since I bought them in the US 0%

  202. Hello Dr. Weiss,
    I have been a lifelong student of economics with a record number of failures in the area of investments. I suffered a stroke in 2005 and am permanently disabled. I presently am not a holder of any U.S. stocks. I am embroiled in protracted litigation which is presently consuming all of my disposable income. I expect my legal problems to be concluded by September 2013 at which time I plan on focusing my energy to trading currency. My needs are few and I believe the currency market provides an opportunity to leverage the small amount of money I have into a sizable sum in a relatively short time frame with minimal risk.

  203. Dear Martin,
    I agree with you about discussion of main economic problems.
    Your Vladimir

  204. 60 % of my ptf is invested in American businesses, of which 30 % blue chips.
    Sold all speculative positions and bought consumers instead.

  205. I don’t have any money in the stock market. My goal is to keep my principle and keep it safe. All in CD’s.

  206. I can’t answer that. I get so many newsletters that I get overwhelmed, and don’t take action. I have been having computer issues. I don’t know whether someone is spying on me, because I get a large amount of files to clean up when I have been on line, reading some of my newsletters, and sometimes Norton comes on and tells me that xxxxxx has a lot of CPU usage – which I don’t understand. I have charged a number of newsletters to my account – I suppose because I get scared reading some of the forecasts that is supposed to happen in this economy – even to the point that I heard that there will be no Wall Street in around 6 months’ time. So that kind of news does not make me confident to trade anywhere. I feel lost. Sorry if this is not what you want to read – but it’s how I feel of late.

  207. My assets are largely in annuities … Your newsletters remind me of the seriousness of paying attention to financial and political issues. Just like Doug … I am successfully using a trend following technique derived from O’Neill’s ibd Industry Group Ranking to help me make buy/sell decisions on several of the 197 industry sub groups listed in ibd. I have a 50K option fund with a discount broker. And I am very pleased, actually delighted with my results. Consequently I am invested in both US and foreign positions. None the less I must admit I am still a student of the market.

  208. My portfolio breakdown is as follows: Cash–20% Physical gold/silver assests—33.3% and Stocks–46.7% I have been staying out of the bon/treasury market due to the low paying interest rates that are not even keeping up with inflation.

  209. 25,000 in all weather investor and strtegic inflation currently this is all i have in stocks rest is in cash which just received in last six months approximately 7.5%in stocks currently will change in next 30 day

  210. My wife and I have about $1.3M in Vanguard and other rollover IRAs.
    about $300K remains in selected Vanguard mutual funds with Morning Star Ratings of 4 or 5 Stars.
    We have Vanguard brokerage accounts concentrating on US stocks that have continuously increased dividends for 15 or more years and have Morning Star Ratings averaging above 4 Stars Totaling $300K
    We have Everbank allocated Gold and Silver coins as well as currency based 5 year CDs of commodity rich currencies These accounts total about $300K
    We have about $150k in Pipeline MLPs
    We bought a house in Belize with funds withdrawn from our rollover IRAs valued at about $200k
    We own Strategic metal allocated baskets totaling $220K
    Gold and silver assets, mine stocks, unallocated SPRD GLD currently slipped to perhaps $200k
    Food producing acreage in Belize valued at $48,000
    Trying to get as much of our worth locked into productive real assets

  211. Right now, about 30% in stocks and the rest in cash except about $10k which I’ve been using to follow the All Weather Investor advice. I’d be very hesitant to get back into stocks right now which is why I’m testing the All Weather advisory. I like the idea that it can make money going up or down and follows multiple sectors that are unlikely to all go in the same direction. Also, fundamentals are not making sense at all right now and I like his technicals strategy. If Davenport can prove himself to me, I’d like to enroll in his Inflation Survival advisory.

  212. I am in junk bond “high yield ” mutual funds and cash. A small portion of one mutual fund has preferred stock in US companies. I am waiting for the markets to start a down trend, then I will buy inverse ETFs

  213. Hi Have about 75%in stocks. Just sold 50 shares of Apple. Bought 100 shares

    Hi Have about 75% U. S. stocks. Rest in money market. Not quite as active in past year. Did sell 50 shares of Apple for a good profit. Purchased 100 shares in 2008 for 191.75 per share.
    Hope the U.S. market will settle down, so we can make more stable investments. Donna

  214. My Portfolio is as follows: domestic energy stocks = 15%
    precious metals & miners = 20%
    foreign stocks = 5%
    hedging ETF’s = 13%
    other domestic stocks = 30%
    cash/bonds = 17%

  215. 5% in stocks, 10% in gold, rest in cash. All of my brokers want me to continue to diversify, but I think the DOW is in a bubble, and I’m waiting for the burst. I can’t trust my brokers, because their advice hasn’t adjusted for the debt, real unemployment, real estate, or Obama care. I didn’t anticipate Japan printing money, so in June I’ll start getting back into dividends paying stocks.

  216. 45% Stocks (bank utilities)
    15% Stock (pharmacies)
    14% ETF (UPRO, TQQQ)
    5% ETF (UUPT)
    21% Cash (to short gold on rebound)

  217. 45% Stocks (bank, utility)
    15% Stock (Pharmacy)
    14% ETF (UPRO, TQQQ)
    5% ETF (UUPT)
    21% Cash (to short gold on rebound)

  218. I have currently 20% in inverse ETFs since I am expecting the market to head lower for a while. I had about 40% in gold, silver and gold miners before 13% drop in gold price in just two days (this hasn’t happened in 30 years). Now I have 80% invested in gold, silver and gold miners since I believe that people will invest in gold and silver when the market goes down. US is printing from 40 to 85 billion dollars per month, so, gold and silver, not cash, is king to me. Is it possible for gold and silver to go lower? Of course, but maybe only few lucky people were able to catch the bottom price once in a while. If gold and silver start heading higher, it might happen as fast as it dropped. My portfolio is down 20% due to drop in gold and silver prices, but I expect it to recover and head much higher (100-750% for gold and silver miners) in the coming months. If it takes 1-1.5 years for that, I am OK with that as well. Time will tell.

  219. 10.4% ofcurrent account value is invested in U.S. stocks,, not including those in Gold Funds.

  220. ) in the stock market. Nearly a 1 1/2 years ago Weiss Research predicted a market crash. Don’t believe that has happened. Markets have hit all time highs. Nice call.

  221. At the present it is 21.5% of my investments are in US stocks. I was waiting to heavily invest in gold and Silver. Seems like I have to wait some more and rethink my approach in between.
    I am a bit confused with the differing opinions on this subject between Sean Brodrick ans Larry Edelson. I tend to follow Larry’s opinion at this point. May be you could clarify. Thanks for your help in the past and hopefully in the future.

    CASH: 20% OF TOTAL.


  223. I’ve got about 20% in U.S. stocks, including a decent holding of shares in a conservative small town bank in a farming community, and some ETFs and stocks that were recommended by your Safe Money Report.

  224. I am embarased to say because I really don’t know for sure. My biggest positions are in health care and energy. Other positions are in REITs and MLP with a few preferred stocks.

  225. I was looking for the two tech stocks that was a buy when i jioned up you. thanks

  226. 0 stocks
    I do have an SEP through my employer, and it is diversified into Money Mkt, and Corp Bond Funds classes A,B,C. I do have a few gold and silver coins.

  227. On behalf of my wife I am subscribing to Doug Davenports’ Inflation Survival Strategy and All-Weather Investor. Currently I have 50,000 and 75,000 allocated to these ETF portfolios or approximately 70% of her investable funds. Prior to year end she was 100% in stocks and had a $100,000 margin account which we liquidated and paid off in converting her portfolio to cash. I was scared to death that the lmarkets were going to tank last year resulting in margin calls nd losses. She also had an huge (80%) capital gains based on a very low basis in many of the her stocks which we could off set against investment interest related to some of my previous real state investments.

  228. Have home and all assets paid for, 40k in cash and 300k more in cash coming within 12months. I am very worried about the money printing and getting cash that isn’t worth anything when it comes. I was in mutual funds for many yrs but got ouwt afterw 9/11. I am nervous about transacting trades myself and getting cash that isn’t worth anything. I am 57.

  229. Hi Martin
    I have mentioned how I use your information at other times since I joined up some years ago but perhaps it has never got to you. It keeps me on top of the big picture events. but i invest only in Australia these days. I am in Qld, Australia, getting on in years now and do not invest anymore outside Australia. At this stage I would have about 50% of the portfolio in Australian shares, 20% in fixed interest, nothing in property except for my own house which I fully own, and the rest in cash.I use your valuable information to keep abreast of the big issues that might affect my investments in Australia but I am not as active an investor now as I have been in the past. Thanks

  230. Less than 5% in US stock
    Also GLD etf (-20%) , short commonity DDP (+10%, long DBA( -2%)

  231. Stocks: 51.8%
    Mutual Funds: 6.8%
    Cash: 41.4%
    Was a lot more invested in equities until the past few days when Stop Loss orders came into play when the market dived.


  233. I am so green…I don’t even understand the question….I don’t understand How
    People learn and teach themselves all this financial stuff. I am trying to keep a small savings and I purchase the stock if it sounds good, whatever that means. I only have stocks through 401k and work related plans, and like some people I don’t have a clue. I purchased some with a financial firm and that definitely did not work out…I enjoy reading the material but not sure i get any of it.

  234. 25% US
    25% CAN Gold/Silver
    15% Cash
    Bal. Grain, Fresenius, Sgp, RE
    Missed warning last Fri so sold FCX + TRQ + DDC too late

  235. 75% in the 5 ETF’s recommended in Doug Davenport’s – Inflation Survival Strategy; 25% cash.

  236. (1)I have about 1 million that I manage – all us stocks or bonds
    (2) I have another 2 million in mutual funds – about 7% is in non US investments

    1. My earlier response failed to detail that $355,000 is invested in Bank CD’s That mature in
      August of 2014.

  237. Don’t really k ow percentage wise but I’m diversified with 35% Cash and the rest in
    fixed, high dividend income, gold and silver bullion and coins, and a bit of treasuries.

  238. Dividend Stocks 77.90%

    Short Term Bonds 17.80 %

    Other 4.3 %

    Short-term reserves

    4.30 %

    0.00 %


    0.00 %

  239. 45% Stocks, 40% fixed income, l5% Cash. I use my RMD to pay taxes and living expenses. Dividends and interest are reinvested. I am eighty years old and am still investing in good dividend paying DOW 30 stocks. In spite of the ups and down of the market, I believe US stocks are the best place to put my money, and a high cash position allows me to sleep well at night.

  240. 0% in stocks. Ihave considered Ford,Boeing,Cummins two or three oil cos, two or three oil field supply stocks ,Lockheed M,Caterpillar, Deere,two or three chemical cos, two or three phramicals, Whirlpool, and 3M. No great amount but the current policies and direction of the Obama Admin do not bode goodwill, trust or faith in their actions and I don’t have sufficient cash to gamble on these people and I don’t believe our country can withstand these next four years. God willing we may it but its no sure thing. Thank you for your interest and concern. Joseph Winn……By the way I will be 80 in May and I see no future in this Government and may not live to see our country return to its GLORY. Best wishes. Joe

  241. I have 100% in muni’s, gov. funds, high yield’s global and several short term bonds.

  242. About 40% in American stocks. Zero bonds. remainder in commodities including futures and stocks. Real estate, etc,

  243. Dear Martin,
    we received you last warning too late, while we were travelling.
    Your service is still priceless. We lost big time. We have 95% in Gold, Silver and mining stocks
    and would have saved a Million $, if we could have acted on your recommendation.
    We still believe, that precious metals are the best insurance policy against a falling $, but our
    timing was obviously way off.
    You are doing a great job, please keep it up.


  244. Approx 75% of my portfolio is in stocks. Of those about 65 -70% are in US stocks.
    The majority of my individual stocks are MLP’s. I hold very few individual non income producing equities, and they are predominantly very long term holdings (over 15 years) such as Nestlé, Altria, Berkshire (B), Novartis, etc.

  245. about 30%– either in midstream mlps or select growth sTocks in natural gas conversion

  246. I do not have any investment in US stocks. All my investments are done in Singapore with the help of my wife. I am now trying to interest my family that we should look to professional advice like yours.

  247. I am stuck with an IRA having 60% S & 30% MF but do not either because of the persistant printing of the fiat medium. Both the stocks and MF’s are not going to keep up with the persistant printing it seems.

  248. 90% is in U.S. securities. Foreign include BHP Billion and Baidu, a Canadian bus company, and realization that Freeport McMoRan is heavily into foreign activities

  249. I only have 1.8% in the stock market of liquid funds in the stock market for the last 6 months. My pension fund is frozen in Pershing because the Pension Fund administrator has not returned calls. The financial adviser for the corporate pension fund is also being removed and we are in transition to a new adviser and administrator. It will probably take another 3 weeks to do all the necessary paper work to bring the pension fund into compliance.

  250. I didn’t quite understand the parameters. If you are referring to corporate stocks, less than 5%, if you are including ETFs and mineral stocks, around 30%.

  251. In the U.S. Market I have about 40% of my investments.

    This is due to the fact that the TSX is pretty small compared to the DOW & other U.S. exchanges. Also the TSX is very energy & raw materials driven that these ups & down over overpower everything else.


  252. I just listened to a video online with David Stockman advising keeping all assets in cash. This seems so contradictory to many other writers who are talking about the worthlessness of currencies. What am I missing, like big time? Linda N

  253. No US stocks, 5% Aussie some gold 2% rest cash, like the sound of Davenports inflation sensitive ETFs going forward but slightly gunshy about investing.

  254. No US Stocks as I am an Australian Resident Aust stocks about 35% rest real estate commercial and residential we have not had a Real Estate Collapse in Australia

  255. My portfolio is well balanced with domestic, international, small, large , emerg. markets, and a little cash.

  256. I’m really not sure. I wish there was still a Weiss Capital Management. I no longer feel like I can do it on my own even with lots of recommendations.

  257. At present I have nothing invested in the stock market. In the late 1990’s one of the newsletters I read was Gary North’s “Remnant Review.” His comments about the disaterous approach of Y2K convinced me to take my funds out of stocks and switch to money markets. After Y2K turned out to be a non-event, I planned to reinvest in the stock market, but before I made the move we had the bubble and subsequent bubbles. I have remaind on the sidelines. Although I have recently considered reinvesting at this time, my concern is that the downside risk is far greater than the upside potential.

  258. About 40%. but I am a gold bug and it is mostly in junior gold and silver mining stocks waiting for Larry to give me the go ahead with gold/silver purchases. I don’t have much and I am well into my 80’s with my retirement income predicated on a bankrupt government. I am going to make what I consider a calculated gamble and putting ALL my eggs in the commodity sector. I’m either going to be on welfare or living very well when I go into the hereafter.

  259. All I have is a meager IRA account. Mostly in selling options and option spreads. I also trade futures IE: emini dow, never leaving a trade on overnight