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Boy oh boy — the action sure is hot and heavy here on my blog!

So far, nearly 1,000 investors have checked in to discuss my forecasts for 2015-2020, to answer my question, “Why won’t Supercycle Trader work for you?” and also to ask me the questions they most need answers for now.

Here are some of actual questions and my actual answers from yesterday:

Q: Pamela asked, “Larry, what possible white swans can surface that can reverse the forecasted collapse of the converging cycles?”


A: Virtually none Pamela. Keep in mind, historically, change comes only via crashing and burning first. — Larry

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Q: Steve G says, “Larry, I admire your bravery for putting yourself in such an unforgivable position, should you be wrong.

“Will you be buying the same instruments you are recommending to your subscribers and will you offer full disclosure to those who sign on for this five year ride? I’m wanting to take part …”

A: My strategy for my own funds is essentially the same. However, I trade only futures, where I cut my eye teeth. — Larry

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Q: Michael L. has issues with my timing: “While I do not dispute your assessments or predictions, I am having trouble with the timing of them.

“From yourself and others, we should have had an interest rate increase already … we should be well on our way to a DOW of 31,000 by now … there should have been a Tsunami of money flow into stocks by now.”

A: Michael, I have said all along that the Fed would be very slow raising rates, and I am not 100% sure they will raise rates this fall. As to the timing, there is already hundreds of billions pouring into our equity markets, which is why they are so resilient. Trillions more are coming, post-October. — Larry

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Q: Steve M. has worries about the Chinese yuan: “Larry, another prognosticator is predicting that in late October of this year that the International Monetary Fund, which meets once each decade regarding world reserve currencies, will select a new world reserve currency which could be used in place of the dollar or for that matter the Euro.

“If this were to come to pass, how would this affect your advice going forward? Wouldn’t this cause a collapse in U.S. stocks? What do you think the likelihood of a new world reserve currency being selected in October is? If a new world reserve currency were selected, would it be the Chinese yuan or perhaps based on a basket of commodities? Your input is appreciated.”

A: Sorry, Steve, but I think that’s total nonsense. At best, the IMF will bless the Chinese yuan to be a part of international reserves.

That does not mean, in any way, shape or form, that the dollar will crash. If anything at all, the dollar will get even stronger.

Think of all the pent up demand by Chinese investors to diversify some of their wealth out of China?! China has over $21 trillion in savings, and that’s going to flood the world. To do so, it has to be converted to dollars, which is still the world’s reserve currency. — Larry

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Q: George W. asks, “Larry, I’m most impressed by the scope of your cycle analysis, but one question: Could the unprecedented flooding of the world with money by the central banks alter the timing of major economic/market cycles?”

A: It hasn’t so far, so I would say a firm, no. — Larry

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Larry Edelson

Larry Edelson

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