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Larry Edelson

Well, I asked for it …

I asked you to take another look at my briefing on the cycles and tell me why my Supercycle Trader wouldn’t work for you — and believe me; I got an earful!

Today’s “Comment of the Day” is from Steve:

Q: Steve writes, “I do not believe the U.S. Markets will go up if there is a collapse of the European economy and later the Japanese economy.

“Look what happened when tiny Greece seemed that it might not get a third bailout — the DJIA went down 200 — 300 points.

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“If the entire European economic system falls, trillions of Euros and Yen may go somewhere, but will not boost U.S. stocks. I respect your analysis but have to disagree with you on this call.”

A: Great comment, Steve! And you’re right; U.S. stocks dipped slightly — about 4% — on the Greek crisis, but came roaring back almost immediately. And that’s despite the fact that U.S. stocks are severely overbought at the moment.

In fact, in the short run, U.S. stocks are actually due for pullback. But longer-term, as the euro crisis gets worse, you will see a replay of what happened between 1932 and 1937.

All global stock markets remained near lows or fell further, except for the U.S. the Dow soared 382% as European capital flowed into the U.S. In other words, it’s happened before and it can and will happen again.

My #1 rule, even when following the cycles is, “Always look to history first to see if something is possible, rather than merely guess.”

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Q: Byron asks, “Why not just buy physical gold and/or silver?”


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A: That’s certainly one way to go, Byron, but you would be leaving so many tantalizing profit opportunities behind!

First mining shares usually outperform gold bullion — often many times over. So ignoring them — and the ETFs and leveraged ETFs that invest in them — could be costly.

Second, there is an enormous amount of money to be made now and in Phase II as the euro currency continues to collapse and European stocks continue to plunge.

Inverse ETFs and options on the euro and European stocks are likely to multiply your money many times over.

In Phase III, investing only in bullion would mean you’d miss out on scores of opportunities to multiply your money yet again as the Japanese yen and stocks crash and burn.

And in Phase IV, you would miss out on even greater profit potential as the U.S. dollar and U.S. assets collapse.

Remember: We expect gold to soar as much as 500% and for silver to rise up to 800% — but these alternate investments will give you the opportunity to go for gains of up to 1,500% or even 2,400% and more over the next five years!

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Q: Mike, Larry, Ann and others asked: “I am a Real Wealth Report subscriber. Will you also be making Supercycle investments there?”

A: To a limited degree, yes. I will be able to make some longer-term supercycle recommendations in Real Wealth Report.

However, the leveraged, high-profit-potential investments we use in Supercycle Trader do not move in synch with a monthly publishing schedule.

I need to be able to reach you at a moment’s notice whenever the markets are ready to move — and that’s precisely why I created Supercycle Trader!

Q: Lee G. writes, “I invest on line through TD Waterhouse In Canada. Would this be a problem following your recommendations?”

A: You should ask your broker, but TD Waterhouse is an American company, so there should be no problems whatsoever, Lee.

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Q: Dave, John, Tom and many others wrote that they forgot when Early Bird enrollment was ending on Monday and are asking for “another chance.”

A: The good news is, our Charter Enrollment period is now open — click this link for details and to activate your membership now.

So now it’s your turn to tell me; why won’t Supercycle Trader work for you?

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Larry Edelson
Larry Edelson
Senior Analyst, Weiss Research
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