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Government Debt is Beginning to Implode …

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The global government debt crisis I’ve been warning you about is continuing to unfold right before your very eyes …

IMF to Greece:

DATELINE—IMF Headquarters, Washington DC: Just a couple of weeks ago, we were once again assured that Greece’s troubles were over. The Eurozone and the world’s lender of last resort — the International Monetary Fund (IMF) — had worked out a deal to save the troubled nation.

The deal was to have included painful cuts in social, entitlement and pension programs by the Greek government combined with massive forgiveness of debt by Eurozone members.

But now, the IMF, which has loaned Greece more than 35 billion euros over the past five years, has backed away from any deal.

Before it considers further assistance, the IMF is demanding three guarantees:

1. The Greek government — which is already hanging by a thread — must make massive spending cuts that are wildly unpopular with that nation’s electorate …

2. Eurozone nations and investors must accept huge losses by forgiving massive amounts of debt owed them by Greece, and …

3. ALL of the debt owed by Greece to the IMF must be repaid.

The chance of these guarantees being made — let alone fulfilled — are slim. Greece’s days are numbered.

Puerto Rico
in “Death Spiral”

DATELINE: San Juan, Puerto Rico: For months, Puerto Rico’s governor has warned that America’s largest territory is in a “death spiral.” Yesterday, the Puerto Rican government made it official by defaulting on the island’s debt.

According to analysts at Moody’s, this is only the first of what will become a tidal wave of defaults on debt owed by U.S. territories. Many are equally concerned about the financial stability of key U.S. states.

There’s no question
that government debt
is beginning to implode,
just like I said it would.

The only question is:
what will YOU do
to protect yourself and profit?

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again: This is no “pie in the sky” forecast. The great government debt catastrophe I’ve been warning you about is beginning now — and beginning October 7, its going to accelerate wildly.


Larry Edelson

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Larry Edelson

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